Greyson Chance ‘Light Up The Dark’ Lyrics

Light Up The Dark
Greyson Chance

March 2011

Lyrics provided first by Greyson’s #1 Fansite:
Special thanks to Meredith (Mapender) for original set of lyrics.

Lyrics – Words to Light Up The Dark

Light Up The Dark Lyrics

Byways, highways, freeways, I’m always yours
Smoke billowing from your blue eyes that got me from the start
Planes glowing bright in the distance
We’re rising high

I am love sick and I just can’t be healed
It happened so quick, now I’m head over heels
For you ‘cause you’re the love of my heart
You’re the match and we’re the spark, we’re fire
We light up the dark
We light up the dark

Stars shinning, rain falling, love is starting with us
Free flowing melodies playing on and on and on
Planes glowing bright in the distance
We’re rising high

I am love sick and I just can’t be healed
It happened so quick, now I’m head over heels
For you ‘cause you’re the love of my heart
You’re the match and we’re the spark, we’re fire
We light up the dark
We light up the dark

I am a different person waiting for you
You have changed me, arranged me into something new
Love sick and I can’t just behave

Love sick and I just can’t be healed
It happened so quick, now I’m head over heels
For you because you’re the love of my heart
You’re the match and we’re the spark, we’re fire
We light up the dark

Love sick and I just can’t be healed
It happened so quick, now I’m head over heels
For you because you’re the love of my heart
You’re the match and we’re the spark, we’re fire
We light up the dark

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Greyson Chance ‘Light Up The Dark’ New Song Leaked

Greyson Chance’s new song Light Up The Dark can now be heard world-wide!

Earlier today YouTube and other online media sites began to see a sudden influx of new Greyson Chance media being uploaded, this was followed by a series of Tweets and reviews accross the Internet.  So what is all the fuss about?  Greyson’s newest song ‘Light Up The Dark’ has been leaked!

We’re still not sure if Greyson’s label, Interscope/Geffen purposely leaked the track or otherwise; we are just glad it’s out! Light Up The Dark lives up to everything we’ve come to expect of Greyson and more!  Plain and simple… this song is sick! (In a good way!)  The song falls in line with what Greyson has been saying his upcoming debut album is about… love and heart break.

Greyson told us “So glad that you guys like Light Up the Dark! I worked so hard on it to make it perfect”. 

Remember to pre-order your copy of Light Up The Dark from the Scholastic Store!

Greyson Chance Performs at Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball Birthday Bash

Greyson Chance performed for Perez Hilton and his celebrity guests at Saturday’s ‘Blue Ball Birthday Bash’.

Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball Birthday Bash was all about fun, music and interesting outfits!

Stars that attended Perez’s party along with Greyson included the likes of Darren Criss, Debbie Gibson, Matty B and Macy Gray.   Selena Gomez even made a surprise appearance towards the end decked out in a stunning blue outfit from head to toe!

All eyes were on Greyson though when he took center stage and performed a few of his popular songs including “Fire”. 

After his performance Perez thanked Greyson for putting on a great show and told him, “You were awesome!”  We agree Perez!

Checkout some photos from the birthday bash below!

Greyson Chance Performing Fire at Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball Birth Bash

A special thanks goes out to Perez Hilton. Perez has been so supportive of Greyson (and other rising stars) and giving him the chance to perform alongside some other awesome artists was an amazing opportunity. Thanks!

Win Greyson Chance & Cody Simpson Concert Tickets for April 28th in Washington DC

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson concert tickets are up for grabs for the April 28th show in Washington, DC.

This show is part of the Waiting4U Tour which is scheduled to kick off the beginning of next month.

The contest is presented by the Washington City Paper and is open to residents of D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Click here to head over to the WCP website and enter to win.

Show Details:
Thursday, April 28
Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Washington, DC

Greyson Chance Makes PopDust’s 17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things List

Greyson Chance has made his way onto the ‘17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things‘ list on

Popdust’s “17 Under 17” features artists, age 16 and under, who are best poised to capture the hearts of young America.

Greyson is joined on the list by his future touring partner Cody Simpson and label mates, Mindless Behavior.

Checkout the breakdown below! What do you think?

  1. Willow Smith
  2. Jaden Smith
  3. Lyrikkal
  4. Rebecca Black
  5. Greyson Chance
  6. Cody Simpson
  7. Khalil
  8. Cherri Bomb
  9. China McClain
  10. Kicking Daisies
  11. Jasmine Sagginario
  12. Jackie Evancho
  13. Lauren Alaina/Thia Megia
  14. Mindless Behavior
  15. Diggy Simmons
  16. Jacob Latimore
  17.  Burnham

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Greyson Chance on MTV Buzzworthy: Glee, Music, Ladies

Greyson Chance is all over the place as of late so it wasn’t a surprise when we caught a glimpse of him on MTV’s Buzzworthy recently.

In this brand new interview with MTV Greyson recalls how he was discovered on YouTube and what it was like to be signed by Ellen DeGeneres.

After that Greyson talked a bit about Lady Gaga (one of his biggest idols), specifically about her inspirational VMA performance in 2009.  Other topics of discussion included pre-performance jitters, his former touring partner Miranda Cosgrove and girls!

Greyson recalls how in middle school he was a bit of an outcast, an “oddball” but is okay with that!

In the second video Greyson makes it clear that he has is eyes set on the hit television show, “Glee”.  Greyson propositions the creator, Ryan Murphy about appearing as a special guest.  “I’ve already written out my role in ‘Glee,’ ” Greyson told MTV, before laying out his elaborate plot where he would appear as a secret love child!

What do you think? Greyson on Glee? Oh heck’ yea!

Greyson Chance Talks About Debut Album with PopStopTV

Greyson Chance was soaking up the spotlight apparently at the ‘Mars Needs Moms’ movie premiere earlier this month.  In addition to our previously posted interviews with Radio Disney and Pop Candies TV, he also took time to speak with PopStopTV!

When Greyson was asked about his highly anticipated debut album which will soon be released Greyson says that “It’s more of a pop rock thing,” and “It’s very true, very dramatic and it’s about heartbreak.”

Greyson chats it up about YouTube, Lady Gaga and what other artists he would like to collaborate with as well!  Checkout the video featuring Greyson on the red carpet at the Mars Needs Moms premiere below.

Greyson Chance Talks Touring with ClevverTV

Greyson Chance stopped by ClevverTV earlier this month to talk about his upcoming television appearance on ‘Sonny With a Chance: So Random‘ but he also discussed his touring experience with Miranda Cosgrove.

You probably recall that Greyson joined Miranda on the Dancing Crazy Tour last month.  Greyson is now gearing up to hit the road once again, this time with Cody Simpson on the Waiting4U Tour so it was a perfect time to talk about what the thirteen-year-old singer learned on his first tour and reflect on some of the experiences along the way.

Greyson thought his first tour was “so incredible”, it was an “amazing tour” and the fans were “rocking out” at every show!

Greyson recalled that a normal day on tour would consist of him waking up early and taking a shower around 6:00/7:00am.  After breakfast he would head out for an early morning television appearance and then go back to the hotel for a short power nap.  In the afternoon Greyson was all business with either school work and/or more promos.  Finally in the evening he would head off to the venue where he was going to perform for sound check and then actually do the show.  After the show it was more promos before heading back to the tour bus to drive to the next city! (Phew!)

One of the things Greyson said that was unexpected about touring was the fact that it was so rewarding but it was extremely tiring.  Greyson said that he learned how to control his voice on tour and save it for when he needed it.  Miranda was a great mentor to Greyson on tour, teaching him the ins and outs of performing on stage.

To hear about some of the other things Greyson talked about, checkout the video below!

Greyson Chance Talks Touring with Miranda Cosgrove on ClevverTV!

Greyson Chance Talks Touring with Cambio Connect

Greyson Chance is just weeks away from kicking off the Waiting4U Tour with fellow teen singer Cody Simpson but in a new video released today by Cambio Connect we get to hear what his first tour was like with Miranda Cosgrove.

In this episode of Cambio Connect Greyson said that the Dancing Crazy Tour with Miranda Cosgrove was awesome.  As far as Greyson’s favorite city he had the opportunity to visit on tour, that would be Arizona because he performed for free and the theater was packed with screaming fans.

(New York was another favorite!)

Greyson’s favorite song to perform on tour is his single, Waiting Outside The Lines.  He sees this song as an anthem of sorts where the crowd really gets into it.

Other things Greyson talked about included his hometown of Oklahoma, food and his upcoming debut album! Check it out! Greyson Chance on Cambio Connect!

Greyson Chance Coloring Book

Greyson Chance has his own coloring book… online!

Okay Greysonators, this is by far one of the coolest things we’ve comes across.  The creative folks over at created a coloring book dedicated to Greyson Chance!

The online coloring book is complete with 10 recreations of familiar photos of Greyson.  You can either color Greyson online or print it out and break out some crayons! No matter what age you are it’s always fun to color!

Our colored photo (pictured below) is a recreation of Greyson at the MTV Video Music Awards!

Click here to color your own photo of Greyson!