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Planet X Inspiration with Greyson Chance | Greyson Chance FanSite

Planet X Inspiration with Greyson Chance

Ginspirationplanetxreyson Chance talks about the inspiration behind his soon to be released LP, Planet X.

In a new YouTube video Greyson tells us that funk music, specifically from the artist “Prince”, was one of the biggest inspirations.

There was a lot of alternative inspiration on the record as well, including the song “Dance with Me” from the English electronic music duo “Monarchy”.

Lastly, singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was a huge inspiration for Greyson. Winehouse is known for her deep contralto vocals and eclectic mix of music genres including soul, rhythm and blues, jazz and reggae.

Hear all this and more from Greyson Chance himself by checking out the video below!

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