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About | Greyson Chance FanSite


GreysonChanceWeb.com is the largest and most comprehensive Greyson Michael Chance fan and information site on the internet today! Greyson is the twelve-year-old singer, songwriter and pianist who took the world by storm only a short time ago.

It was April 2010 when Greyson performed at the Edmond music festival, singing his version of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi”.  Shortly after the performance Greyson posted a video of his Paparazzi performance on YouTube.  One month later U.S. talk show host Ellen Degeneres came across the video and was blown away by it.  Ellen invited Greyson to perform on her show which he happily agreed to.

After Greyson’s first Ellen performance, his “Paparazzi” YouTube video received over thiry-one million hits.  Two of Greyson’s original songs (“Stars” and “Broken Hearts”), also posted on YouTube, collectively received over seven million views after his Ellen appearance.

As a result of Greyson’s internet stardom,  Ellen invited Greyson back to her show for a second performance.  On May 25th, Ellen announced on her show that she started her own record label (called ElevenEleven) and signed her first artist, Greyson Chance.  Since then Greyson has been busy recording his first album, attending photo shoots and participating in interviews!  Greyson is not the “next” big thing… he IS the big thing!

GreysonChanceWeb.com was developed and is currently maintained by a community of dedicated Greyson Chance fans.  On this site you’ll find everything and anything there is to know about Greyson and his daily happenings.  We also have tons of goodies for fans (desktop wallpapers, twitter backgrounds, photos and more!) — New things added daily!  We highly encourage fan participation, this is Greyson’s online community, so join in!

Thanks for checking out the site and please come back again to visit us.  You can follow us on twitter at: @GreysonChanceMe