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Fan Submissions | Greyson Chance FanSite

Asian Enchancers Ready for Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance has been preparing for his upcoming Asia tour which is a little over three weeks away, but so are his Asian fans!

Enchancers from all over Asia have been taking to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to welcome Greyson back.  This will be Greyson’s second time in Asia but his first time headlining.  Camryn will be joining Greyson on tour this time around.

Here are a couple videos Greyson’s dedicated fans in Asia have recently posted on YouTube.

The Asia tour kicks off April 17th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  You can read more about the tour schedule here.

Carson’s Acoustic Cover of Greyson Chance ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’

Here is a video which was actually posted to YouTube about one-year ago this month but in that time it has racked up over 54,000 views, and rightfully so… it’s amazing!

Amazing Greyson Chance Time Lapse Painting

Greyson Chance fan submissions are usually reserved for our fan submissions section but when we got one look at the work of Michelle, a 19 year old artist who also enjoys singing and playing musical instruments like the guitar, flute, drums and violin we just had to post it up on the main page!

Michelle Hiegemann (@MagicMichi11) is from Essen, Deutschland and created this amazing time lapse video of a Greyson Chance painted portrait.

Checkout the video below and be sure to leave a comment!

Allison Covers Greyson Chance

Allison says that she loves music and every kind of music inspires her to show the world what she can do!  “I like to express what I feel through singing”.

This month Allison posted two covers to her YouTube channel which she wanted to share with all the Greyson Chance fans!

Allison Covers “Unfriend You” by Greyson Chance

“This song is one of my fav(orites) songs from my most favorite artist, Greyson Chance!”  Allison loves singing this song!

Allison covers “Waiting Outside the Lines” by Greyson Chance

Give it up for Allison!

Greyson Chance “Waiting Outside The Lines” Cover by AshleyEllen17

New cover from a dedicated Greyson Chance fan.

AshleyEllen17 covered Greyson’s hit single Waiting Outside The Lines.  Good job Ahley, keep it up!

Stop Motion Greyson Chance “Heart Like Stone”

FADHAFS from YouTube posted this awesome stop motion video she made of Greyson Chance’s Heart Like Stone.  We had to share this one with you!  Enjoy!

Greyson Chance ‘Unfriend You’ Music Video Sneak Preview

Greyson Chance may have not yet released his Unfriend You music video, but that hasn’t stopped some sneaky super fans!

“Someone” (whose identity is being protected for their own safety) — (kidding!) video taped the big screen during Ariana Grande’s Birthday Party during a special viewing of the Unfriend You music video and as a result we got a sneak preview of the video!

Check it out below.

Greyson Chance Unfriend You Music Video Sneak Preview!

The Greyson Chance Dance

Greyson Chance fans have done it again!  Introducing The Greyson Chance Dance!

We came across this awesome collaboration video by some of the biggest Greysonators on the planet!

Clips of Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson are also included.

So the question is… can YOU do the Greyson Chance Dance?

Great job Greyson Chance Fans!

Happy Mother’s Day to Lisa Chance, Greyson Chance’s Mom

Greyson Chance fans everywhere are celebrating Mother’s Day with their own moms but some took time to make sure Greyson’s mom, Lisa Chance has an extra special mommy’s day.

A group of some awesome Greyson Chance fans put together a video with personalized messages to Lisa.

‘The following greysonators and enchancers are featured in this very special Mother’s Day video: @luvgreysonforev, @_hollychance, @greysoncrew, @lexiluv2, @simpson_greyson, @planetlainy, @xilovegreysonx, @beccax83xo, @greychancelover, @liveyourdreamsc, @sydlovesgreyson, @all4greyson and @greysongal.

Happy Mother’s Day Lisa Chance – From GreysonChanceWeb!

SuperFans Commemorate Greyson Chance’s One Year Anniversary

Earlier we talked a bit about the fact that Greyson Chance was celebrating the one year anniversary of his now famous Paparazzi YouTube video.

Some of Greyson’s biggest fans (aka SuperFans) decided to commemorate him the best way they know how… on YouTube.

In reviewing the videos posted, one caught our eye, it was from Olivia and Karley.  These two amazing superfans put together an awesome, personalized video letting the world know about their obsession and support for Greyson.

Here is what Karley had to say:

“Congratulations on a whole year of amazing achievements! Olivia and I both met you last week, and that experience definitely changed our lives. We gave you a homemade scrapbook that we hope you enjoy! You are such a sweet person and amazing role model. We hope you like this video! We will always support you and listen to your music.”

We think this video is awesome and wanted to share it with the Greyson Nation as well as make sure Greyson himself sees it! Rock on Greysonators! Rock on!