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Greyson Chance “More Than the Next Justin Bieber” Says Showbiz

For anyone that has followed Greyson Chance for any period of time, you know that in the past he was often dubbed “The Next Justin Bieber”.  We’ve always disagreed with that statement personally because we feel he is different than the Biebs in so many ways.  While both artists rise to fame may have been similar (as they both were discovered on YouTube), the similarities quickly become fewer and farther between.

These differences and what makes Greyson so unique are the topic of a recent editorial by Elizabeth Soh of Singapore Showbiz at Yahoo Entertainment.  “Chance’s music is remarkably different from J Biebs’ hop-hop pop, coming off more like a hybrid of jazz singer Jamie Cullum’s pensive vocal style and Jason Mraz-esque folksy influences” says Soh.

No need for auto-tune, Greyson’s raw singing ability has carried him through his short career.  Through it all though Greyson has remained true to himself and his fans.  Greyson cares for his fans so much in fact that during a recent show his management bough pizza for hungry girls who were camping out for hours in long lines -a “gesture that blows Bieber’s ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ antics and diva behavior right out of the water”.

You can read the article in it’s entirety over at Yahoo Entertainment.

Greyson Chance Chats About His Teenage Dreams

Greyson Chance shared with us the challenges of being a teen star on MTV Sessions in Singapore.

“There’s definitely pressure, whether or not I win awards,” says Chance. But he’s insistent that such music “awards don’t really mean anything to me. I’m more about my fans and my music.” On handling criticism, Chance says that he “(doesn’t) care if people don’t like my music. There’s a lot of people that do.”

Chance lists “the new Taylor Swift album (Red), Maroon 5’s new record (Overexposed)” as his latest “earworms”. What about the tracks that he plays on repeat? “I’m always listening to Amy Winehouse and Journey,” confesses Chance. “Amy Winehouse is one of my biggest inspirations. I really look up to her as a songwriter, as a musician.”


When asked about the craziest gift he had ever received from a fan, Chance shares that he “got a retainer once, in Minneapolis.” He said he found the gesture “very caring. She was very sweet, she said, ‘Here’s my retainer to remember me by’.”

“Oh god I don’t know if I want to be on a reality show,” protests the singer. “I can’t do Beverly Hills Housewives (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), I can’t do the Kardashians.”

He pauses, then considers an exception for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a TV show centred on a child pageant contestant and her family. The show may milk all the “redneck” stereotypes for all it’s worth but its brand of humour is “from my neck of the woods”, laughs Chance; the singer lives in the Oklahoma countryside.

Chance may not be at the legal voting age right now but if he could, he’ll certainly vote for Barrack Obama. “I’ll say this — I like the guy who got elected again,” proclaims the singer. “I’m very happy (that he won).”

Read the full review at Her World Plus.

Greyson Chance Boy Wonder

Greyson Chance has been featured in quite a few entertainment and lifestyle articles across the web but one of the most well written, all-telling ones yet was just published by Justine Koh of The Urban Wire and we had to share it with you!

Koh reviews some of the highlights of Greyson’s young career, where he came from and how he got to where he is as well as what sets him apart from the crowd

“His sincerity and maturity shines through in his first release “Hold On ‘til the Night”, a collection of sophisticated piano-driven pop songs that project his wonderful emotional range. It makes you thankful that this is a far cry from the bubblegum pop album – vapid tween anthems included – you’d expect from a pop singer his age.”

She talks about Greyson in many different lights, “The Overnight Sensation”, “The Ambitious Artiste”, “The Hardworking Student”,  “The First-Time Actor”, “The Media-Savvy Nice Guy”, “The Prankster”, “The Tourist in Singapore” and beleive it or not, “The Insecure Teen”.

“Since his much talked-about debut in 2010, Greyson has been nothing short of a welcome relief in the overcrowded pop scene of today. Whether the impassioned singer-songwriter is standing up for what he believes in through his many different undertakings or delivering his wisecracks with a twinkle in his eye, one thing you can be sure of is that he isn’t going to let show biz change him.”

We invite you to read the complete article over at The Urban Wire.


(Photo credits to Joel Lee from Klix Photography and Noel Teo)



Inside the Musical Mind of Greyson Chance

In August, Metro Lyrics gave Greyson Chance a short survey entitled “My Musical Mind”.  They asked him eight questions including what the first album he ever bought was, his necessities while in the studio and the nicest thing a fan has ever done for him.

Checkout a scan of the hand-written survey (complete with the G-Man’s signature) below.(Click on the survey to enlarge it)

Greyson Chance on MTV News

Greyson Chance was featured in a recent MTV News segment; they followed him on set of his new music video for Unfriend You.

“I think Unfriend You in an amazing record because one, it’s a breakup song…  always fun and two it’s referencing social media; especially in this day and age I think it’s very important to reference social media in music” Greyson commented during his interview.

The coolest part of this segment is that we get to see behind the scenes of Greyson on set of the Unfriend You Music Video.  Greyson had a blast shooting the music video and we think it’s awesome that he’s featured on MTV!  Well deserved.

The music video will be posted soon!

Props to zeg33k for posting!

Greyson Chance PopCrush Interview

Greyson Chance sat down with PopCrush for an interview during the Waiting 4 U tour.

Greyson talked about his upcoming debut album, Hold on ‘Til the Night, his touring experience and much more!

We’ve gone through and picked out some of the questions and answers from Greyson which we found most interesting.  You can view the interview in its entirety over at PopCrush.

Tell us — how did you and Cody Simpson get paired up for this tour?
Well, you know, me and Cody met and thought, ‘Why don’t we do a tour together?’ We got along very well, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Do you have any family on the road with you?
Yeah — Cody has his whole family, and I have my mom or dad with me at all times.

Are you in charge then, since it’s your tour — your career?
No, not really. [Laughs] My mother lets me stay up as late as I want, though.

So since your mom is on the road, does she do your laundry for you?
Of course! I don’t even know how to do laundry.

Tell us what your daily schedule is like when you have a show.
Usually I wake up in the morning and do school for a couple of hours. Then, I go get lunch, I take a shower, it’s around like 1 … Then I have a couple of interviews, then around like 3 or 4 I do soundcheck. Then around 5 I’m doing more interviews and then I start prepping for the show, I get ready, I listen to some hard rock n’ roll to get pumped! And then we have the show. After that I do about an hour-long meet and greet with everybody, and then maybe a couple more interviews, a phoner, and then I have to finish up my day — I have a couple videos I have to do, a couple journals I have to type out, and then I go to bed and do it all over again!


So you’re living…
I live in L.A. now. Well, I still have my house in Oklahma, and my dad and my sister and sometimes my mom are in Oklahoma. We still have our house, we still have everything there, but I’m always in L.A., constantly.

That’s a huge change in such a short amount of time! What’s that like?
Well, it’s fun! I don’t really have a home anywhere, I’m on a tour bus most of the time so I’m almost constantly traveling.

What do you think has been your coolest experience on this tour so far?
I think it’s just, every night — and I say this about every tour — to be on tour is another mountain in its own, it’s another adventure. In every city we have different girls, we have different experiences, and it’s just so much fun seeing all of the fans performing all of the music — it’s just a blast.

How do you keep busy on the bus when you’re driving between cities?
You know, it’s not too hard. We’re usually either watching movies or sleeping, because we’re always traveling at night. I listen to my iPod a lot and just chill out.

What are you listening to lately?
I’ve been very inspired lately by old rock ‘n’ roll. I’m very into Journey, and AC/DC and lots of different things.

View the complete interview here.

Greyson Chance Featured on Artisan News

Greyson Chance sat down with the folks at Artisan News Service in the mists of the Waiting4U Tour to talk about selling out venues in New York City, Lady Gaga and Paparazzi.

After talking about some of Greyson’s most recent accomplishments, including performing for and meeting President Barack Obama as well as selling out venues in New York; Greyson was asked about the success of his first headline tour.

“To know that we sold out two New York shows, it’s incredible!” Greyson said. “Paparazzi, that was my kick start right there” Greyson added as he thanked and praised Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres, two people who he credits for much of his success.

Greyson Chance on Good Morning America, Performs “Waiting Outside The Lines”

Greyson Chance made an appearance on the nationally televised Good Morning America early this A.M..  He talked about his tour with Cody Simpson, the new remix of Waiting Outside The Lines with Charice and his upcoming debut album, ‘Hold On ’til The Night‘.

A killer performance of Waiting Outside The Lines followed; Greyson performed in the GAM studios along with his band.  Not only was this broadcast to millions of viewers at home but also to Times Square!

Greyson Chance Talks Waiting 4U Tour With ClevverTV

Greyson Chance sat down with ClevverTV in the weeks prior to the Waiting 4U Tour to talk about what fans should expect to see on the road.

Greyson talked about his relationship with Cody Simpson who he’s headlining the touring with.

He talked about the fact that he met Cody at his birthday party and then they started to hang with one another more which eventually led to them discussing touring together.  They actually presented the idea of touring together to their individual management teams who worked out the details and made it happen!

We already spilled the beans on this one, but Greyson talked about the fact that he and Cody are sharing a tour bus.  The bus has been dubbed “The Party Bus”.

The Waiting 4U Tour has been a blast so far!

Greyson Chance Takes Over French Television

Greyson Chance is quite the international star!  He’s been no stranger to MTV and other U.S. based television stations but word has it he can be found on television sets accross the globe as well, especially in Europe and more specifically, France!

This is evident in two new videos that have made their way to the states from France.  Both segments feature Greyson and were filmed during his trip overseas earlier this year.  We already told you that Greyson was on the wildly popular Canal+, but you probably haven’t see these next two.

Greyson Chance on TV Direct Star – “Star Story”

Greyson Chance on Accès Privé (M6)