Greyson Chance Makes PopDust’s 17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things List

Greyson Chance has made his way onto the ‘17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things‘ list on

Popdust’s “17 Under 17” features artists, age 16 and under, who are best poised to capture the hearts of young America.

Greyson is joined on the list by his future touring partner Cody Simpson and label mates, Mindless Behavior.

Checkout the breakdown below! What do you think?

  1. Willow Smith
  2. Jaden Smith
  3. Lyrikkal
  4. Rebecca Black
  5. Greyson Chance
  6. Cody Simpson
  7. Khalil
  8. Cherri Bomb
  9. China McClain
  10. Kicking Daisies
  11. Jasmine Sagginario
  12. Jackie Evancho
  13. Lauren Alaina/Thia Megia
  14. Mindless Behavior
  15. Diggy Simmons
  16. Jacob Latimore
  17.  Burnham

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Greyson Chance on MTV Buzzworthy: Glee, Music, Ladies

Greyson Chance is all over the place as of late so it wasn’t a surprise when we caught a glimpse of him on MTV’s Buzzworthy recently.

In this brand new interview with MTV Greyson recalls how he was discovered on YouTube and what it was like to be signed by Ellen DeGeneres.

After that Greyson talked a bit about Lady Gaga (one of his biggest idols), specifically about her inspirational VMA performance in 2009.  Other topics of discussion included pre-performance jitters, his former touring partner Miranda Cosgrove and girls!

Greyson recalls how in middle school he was a bit of an outcast, an “oddball” but is okay with that!

In the second video Greyson makes it clear that he has is eyes set on the hit television show, “Glee”.  Greyson propositions the creator, Ryan Murphy about appearing as a special guest.  “I’ve already written out my role in ‘Glee,’ ” Greyson told MTV, before laying out his elaborate plot where he would appear as a secret love child!

What do you think? Greyson on Glee? Oh heck’ yea!

Greyson Chance Performs Waiting Outside The Lines for Saturday Night Online

Greyson Chance was featured on Saturday Night Online with Romeo, he joined fellow guest stars Jennifer Lopez, Big Time Rush and Jordan Knight!

Greyson performed his hit debut single Waiting Outside The Lines backstage at Saturday Night Online.

Checkout the video below of Greyson performing, you can also visit for more!


Not too much to say! Another strong vocal performance from Greyson!

Greyson Chance Interview with We Live FM

Greyson Chance spent some time chatting with Adam Wurtzel of We Live FM on February 13th after performing in Westbury, New York.

It was Grammy night when Adam caught up with Greyson backstage in his dressing room while he was on the Dancing Crazy Tour with Miranda Cosgrove.  This was actually Adam’s second interview with Greyson; if you haven’t already, be sure to check out his interview from last August.

During the interview Greyson brought Adam up to speed on the very latest and talked about things like what celebrities he’s met, his opinion of Lady Gaga’s new single and even disclosed some of his pre-concert rituals.  Greyson also told us what some of his favorite foods on tour are: Pop Chips, Gatorade and M&M’s. Waiting Outside The Lines (Greyson’s debut single) as well as his unreleased album and his fans were among other topics of discussion.

One of the coolest parts of the interview was the “Your Favorite” segment where Greyson was asked a series of rapid fire questions pertaining to his favorites!

Favorite Television Show: Glee!
Favorite Vacation Spot: South Padre, TX
Favorite Moment Since Being Signed: Making the entire record.
Favorite Artist/Band on the Rise: Uhhh..Hmmm… Greyson Chance!
Favorite Celebrity He’s Met: Lady GaGa!
Favorite Celebrity He Has Not Met: Johnny Depp
Favorite Album of All Time: Escape by Journey

Greyson Chance Interview Backstage with We Live FM


Thanks to Adam for taking the time to interview Greyson again. Thanks Adam!

Win 1 of 3 Autographed Greyson Chance Posters

Enter to win a Greyson Chance poster autographed by non other than the 13-year-old singing sensation himself!

Our friend Mr. Will-W: Pop Maven is once again offering up some autographed Greyson Chance merchandise to a few lucky winners!

Will-W has interviewed Greyson and given away Waiting Outside The Lines CDs and now he’s back once again with another awesome giveaway!

This time three (3) Greyson Chance autographed posters are up for grabs to three very lucky fans.  You have until April 1st to enter so what are you waiting for?  See the official rules below!

To Enter:

To qualify for the win, please leave a comment over at Will-W’s blog with the name of the Artist whom Greyson will be touring with v. shortly.  Three winners will be picked April 1, 2011. All are welcome to enter.  Enter here.

Greyson Chance Attends ‘Mars Needs Moms’ Movie Premiere

Greyson Chance joined his friend (and hopefully future touring partner) Cody Simpson at the Mars Needs Moms movie premiere in Hollywood, California this afternoon.

‘Mars Needs Moms’ is an animated adventure about a young boy named Milo who gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

Greyson and his “mate” Cody had an opportunity to walk the carpet and sit in on the premiere with the cast which includes Seth Green, Joan Cusack and Dan Foler.  On the carpet Greyson posed for pictures, signed some autographs and took part in interviews.

greyson-chance-mars-needs-moms-premiere-4Do you remember Mason Cook from our “Does Greyson Chance Have a Twin” story?  Mason is the young actor and star of Spy Kids 4; Greyson met him at the movie premiere today! Click on the photo thumbnail to the right to see an awesome picture of them together at the premiere. (We’re still convinced they’re twin brothers!)

As more coverage of today’s event are released we’ll update this post with the very latest, so check back!


Greyson Chance in March Issue of V-Magazine

Greyson Chance is featured in the March 2011 edition of V-Magazne!  We’ve got an exclusive first look at it!

“V magazine is an American fashion magazine published since 1999. The magazine is printed seasonally and highlights trends in fashion, film music and art. (Source: Wikipedia).  We contacted V-Magazine and was able to get a sneak peak at this months issue which features Greyson!

In this latest edition Greyson talks about the wild ride of going from a middle school student to a pop music sensation.  Greyson told “V” that he still can’t believe everything that’s happened: “It’s all still really unbelievable. I first realized that something big was happening when my mom started sending me these text messages while I was at school. They said stuff like ‘fifteen thousand’… the number of people who had viewed my video online that day. It was crazy.”

Greyson recalls during his “V” interview how he was in rehersal with his band recently and thought to himself, “I was thinking that the best thing about all of this is just making music – making art – and the satisfaction you get from something like writing a really great song.  It’s such a good feeling. I just want to be able to keep doing this forever.”

Something HUGE is revealed at the end of the article… When Greyson will release his debut album!


V-Magazine is on news stands now.  You can buy it online very easily at Be sure to visit “V’s” website at

Special thanks to Ryan from V-Magazine for sending us the high-res article so we could get a first look at it and allowing us to share it with the Greyson Nation!

Greyson Chance on MTV’s The Seven

Greyson Chance and his former tour partner, Miranda Cosgrove appeared together in a recent episode of ‘The Seven” which airs on MTV!

MTV caught up with Greyson and Miranda on The Dancing Crazy Tour.  Miranda had some really nice things to say about Greyson.  “Right when it (his paparazzi video) first came out I was like “wow” he’s extremely talented!” Miranda recalled during her interview.

We went inside Greyson’s tour bus and had an opportunity to see where Greyson lived, slept and ate for a month on the road.  “I feel like I’m on an episode of cribs” Greyson said as he was showing us his fridge stocked with water, red bull, ketchup, soda and other condiments.

Check out the video below; Greyson Chance on MTV’s The Seven!

Greyson Chance to Appear in Episode of Disney’s ‘Sonny With A Chance’

Greyson Chance will be appearing in a future episode of Disney Channel’s hit television show, Sonny With a Chance.

The news broke earlier today when Greyson announced on his official Twitter account (@greysonchance) that he taped an episode yesterday, March 1st on set of the show.  Greyson will be making his television series debut in an episode entitled “So Random” we believe.

Greyson brought his signature “Love – Art – Laugh” black and white keyed piano to the set which he performed on during the episode.

Stay tuned right here on the #1 Greyson Chance FanSite for updates on when the episode featuring Greyson will be airing!


It’s official: “Sonny With a Chance” will soon be “Sonny with G-Chance!”