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Hold On Til The Night by Greyson Chance Released!

Hold On ‘Til The Night by Greyson Chance has been released!

It’s been over a year in the making but the time has finally come! Greyson’s debut album, Hold On ‘Til The Night is now available for download and at retailers everywhere!

This 11 track album is packed with awesomeness and topped with a side of amazing! We just got done listening to the entire playlist and we’re absolutely blown away!

Hold On ‘Til the Night - Greyson Chance

Our favorite songs are the title song, “Hold On ‘Til The Night” and “Heart Like Stone”!  What’s yours?

“Hold On ‘Til The Night”, Greyson Chance Debut Album Out This Summer!

Greyson Chance has been working for months on his debut album which has remained unnamed until now!  We recently learned that the title of Greyson’s debut album will be Hold On ‘Til The Night and according to a recent Billboard.com interview, it will be released this summer!

In that same interview Greyson said he’s “about 80 percent” finished with it so there is still work to do.  Greyson has been in Los Angeles with seasoned producer, Ron Fair and the Matrix, a songwriting/production team for quite some time now and collectively they are working on putting together an album which we’ve been assured is going to be epic!

“The record sounds like a mix between Snow Patrol and OneRepublic; I think I would go in that ballpark. It’s pop-rock,” Greyson added.

Greyson is currently on tour with fellow teen idol, Cody Simpson but that hasn’t stopped the thirteen-year-old from laying it down in the studio.  A “day off” for Greyson may mean a break from touring, but he still gets to the studio regularly even on the road. “Whenever I have a day where I’m not on the road or doing a performance, I’m in the studio. I’m always writing and I’m starting to get into the production side as well. They work me really hard, but I like to be worked.”

Greyson is excited as much as anyone to release his first album, but don’t expect it to be his last.  According to Greyson we can bank on many more tours and many more albums to come!

[Much of the information in this story was provided by Billboard.com]


Greyson Chance’s “Waiting Outside the Lines” Released!

Greyson Chance’s debut single, “Waiting Outside the Lines” has officially been released and is now available for download on iTunes!

That’s right!  The wait is finally over!  The journey started only a few short months ago and Greyson has been working night and day in in the studio for this day!

Greyson’s #1 Fansite downloaded our copy immediately and we are in absolute shock by what we heard.  The words “absolutely freaking amazing” doesn’t describe this single because it’s far beyond that.

Nobody really knew what to expect, but Greyson Chance has certainly not disappointed us.  “Waiting Outside The Lines” is now available for download on iTunes for $0.99 and let me tell you it will be the best buck you’ve ever spent in your entire life!

Our iTunes has been on repeat for about fifteen minutes now and Waiting Outside the Lines keeps getting better with each listen.  This song has an awesome mix of musical instruments which is of course interlaced with Greyson’s awesome vocal performance.

So what are you waiting for… go download Waiting Outside the Lines and leave us a comment below letting us know your opinion!

Greyson Chance Album Update

Greyson Chance stopped by the ClevverTV studio again recently and sat down with hosts Dana Ward and Joslyn Davis to discuss some update on his new album.

First Greyson talked about his record labels, ElevenEleven and Geffen/Interscope records.  We learned that Greyson hasn’t been working with ElevenEleven very much due to the fact that it’s such a new label and still getting its feet wet.  It’s expected that Greyson will work a lot more with the label in the years to come as it becomes more established.  Interscope has definitely been taking the lead with Greyson on the album and Ron Fair, the veteran Interscope record producer and songwriter (with over 25 years in the industry) has been right next to him during the process.

Dana brought up the point that Greyson is very hands on with the record making process and actually wrote most of the songs on his album.  Greyson told us that he got inspiration for the album from “A lot of weird random things”.  The name of the album (which has not yet been released) as well as the imagery which will be used on the cover was handpicked by Greyson during his first photoshoot back in July.

Greyson then talked a little about the methodology behind his writing style.  Greyson said himself, “It’s kind of weird how I work when it comes to writing”.  Greyson admits that he doesn’t have the capability to just sit down at any time and start writing.  Instead the ideas must be there, usually from something that he’s been inspired by.  The biggest inspiration’s Greyson has pulled from during this process have been the likes of Lady Gaga, Elton John, John Lennon, John Legend and Christina Aguilera.

Digging deeper into the details of the album Greyson talked about the style of music we should expect to hear.  We learned that the album will consist of an interesting mix of tracks that will include songs with a band as well as solo piano tracks performed by Greyson himself.  What we shouldn’t expect to hear are love songs; Greyson tells us that he really didn’t focus the album on that topic and says that he tends to write a lot of sad songs but tried to mix them with an up-tempo beat.

So what about Greyson Chance music videos?  Well Greyson says that he’ll be recording some music videos “pretty soon”, much to the surprise of Dana Ward.  Dana asked Greyson if he was a dancer; he responded by laughing and indicating that he would do his best!

Finishing off Greyson tells Dana and Joslyn that he hopes everyone likes the album and promises to keep us updated with any new details.  We can expect to see the release of Greyson’s first single any time now; it has had a scheduled release of late September or early October.  So stay tuned to Greyson’s #1 Fansite for the very latest, we’ll have all the details for your first!

Check out the video interview below of Greyson Chance at the ClevverTV studios.

New ElevenEleven Artist Signed, Tom Andrews

Ellen DeGeneres has announced that she has signed the second artist to her new label, ElevenEleven records. As we all know, Ellen launched ElevenEleven in May after she discovered Greyson Chance on YouTube and was blown away by his talent and natural signing ability. Since then Ellen has been on the hunt for the label’s next breakthrough star and she thinks she’s found it in 16-year-old Tom Andrews.

Tom Andrews is from the United Kingdom and made his television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Sept. 16th). Ellen recently talked to Andrews about how he got started singing; below is a copy of the dialogue from this meeting.

Ellen DeGeneres: Well, this is fun for me but I think it’s going to be fun everybody else. We see people come on the scene but now we get to watch you from the very beginning, all the way through your career. So it’s fun for all of us to watch this happen to. You are 16-years-old and I just called you of the blue at home and I said, Hi, I’m Ellen and come here (to the show.) So, here you are.

Tom Andrews: Here I am.

Ellen DeGeneres: You just started singing. How long ago?

Tom Andrews: 3 years ago. When I was 13. My mom saw an ad in a newspaper it was just for a singing contest and she said, why don’t you enter it will be fun so I did…I sung “Let it Be” and the guy said ,where are your parents? You are amazing…I need to ring them. I was like really? In the final I sang “Bohemia Rhapsody” in front of 900 people.

Checkout this video of Tom Andrews on The Ellen Show.

So what do you think? How does Tom compare to Greyson Chance?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

Photo credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Greyson Chance Attends Interscope After Party!

Greyson Chance attended the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th, but the fun for our favorite teen singer did not stop at the end of the white carpet.

Following the show Greyson attended the taping of the premier episode for the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Greyson was then off to the VMAs after party hosted by one of his labels, Interscope records.  Interscope is known to throw some of the biggest celebrations; super stars Lady Gaga, RedOne and Akon all made appearances at the party.

We told you yesterday that Greyson was hanging out with the group All Time Low at the party and we recently learned that he spent some quality time with Destinee and Paris (The Clique Girlz) as well!  This isn’t the first time Greyson has been seen partying it up with the Clique Girls either, if you recall he also rocked out at the Lady Gaga concert with them a few weeks back alongside label mates, Mindless Behavior.

After the Interscope party Destinee and Paris shot out a Tweet to Greyson saying, “So good to see you and hang out last night! We’ll twitpic later!  DM us and let’s get together soon!”  Greyson appeared to be super excited when he received this invitation from the beautiful Clique Girlz.  Greyson responded with a Tweet of his own saying, “Heck yes! We will be shaking our booties on the dance floor! With my incredible dance moves… haha not!”

The Clique Girlz may have not tweeted the picture yet, but we still got out hands on it!  Check out Greyson Chance with Destinee and Paris at the Interscope after party below!


Greyson and the Clique Girlz have built quite a bond after attending all these events together which leads us to wonder if they’ve collaborated in the studio at all.  Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Till’ next time, Rock On!

Greyson Chance at Ellen Show Premiere


Greyson Chance attended the premiere episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday after the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Ellen kicked off the 8th season of her popular talk show following the VMAs last night and her first signed artist on ElevenEleven records, Greyson Chance was in attendance. 

When Ellen spotted Greyson in the audience she greeted him with a big ol’ hug and the two spoke briefly about his upcoming album.  After attending the Ellen Show taping, Greyson headed off the the VMA after party!

Check out these two Photos of Greyson Chance at the season premiere taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  We anticipate that Greyson will appear on The Ellen Show throughout the season, especially as we near closer to the release date of his album!


Ellen DeGeneres Looking for Next Greyson Chance

Ellen DeGeneres continues her search for the world’s “Next Greyson Chance”.

Ellen DeGeneres has been searching high and low, near and far for the next ElevenEleven artist.  It was about 2 ½ months ago when we learned that Ellen DeGeneres had signed Greyson Chance as the first artist on her new record label which is named “ElevenEleven”.  Shortly following this announcement we also learned that Ellen and Greyson would be partnering up with Geffen/Interscope for a joint release of Greyson’s first album.  During the past few months Greyson has been working diligently on his record while Ellen has been hunting down new talent for the label.

We originally told you back in early July that Ellen had begun searching for the label’s next artist and late last night we learned that she’s still going at it!  Ellen posted to her Facebook page “I’m always looking for amazing musicians for my new record label.  Is there someone you think I should know about?”  The TV show host turned record label owner also posted a link to a submission form where you can submit your videos to Ellen!

To date, Ellen has posted four artists to her website which she really likes.  The most popular of them so far (by far) is a young man named Alex Goot.  Alex is an amazingly talented person who not only sings but plays pretty much every instrument imaginable.  Be sure to check out Alex and the other artist over on Ellen’s website.

Greyson Chance’s career took off because of Ellen.  If you have the talent, send in a video and you may just be the next Greyson Chance!

Greyson Chance Supports Mindless Behavior

If you read the title of this article you’re probably thinking this is going to be about some big controversy involving Greyson Chance as he supports someone behaving recklessly or something along those lines.  Of course it’s not!

“Mindless Behavior” is another new group on the Geffen/Interscope record label, the same label Greyson is signed to!  Comprised of a young quartet, barely into their teens; singers Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Roc Royal hope to bring a new energy to the pop/hip-hop/R&B landscape.

If you recall, Greyson first met up with Mindless Behavior at Lady Gaga’s Concert in Los Angeles only a short time ago.  Since then it appears they have really hit it off and Greyson is backing them 100% as they work collectively to further their music careers.

Early this afternoon Greyson sent out a message on Twitter to his huge following (212,000+ now) letting everyone know Mindless Behavior released their single “My Girl” yesterday.  Greyson also adds in a link to the group’s iTunes account which we’re sure they really appreciate.

Greyson has been seen several times with artists on the Geffen/Interscope label (Clique Girlz and Justin Tranter) and we suspect that we’ll be seeing Greyson a lot more with his label mates in the near future.

Hey guys! My friends and label mates @MindlessBhavior released their single “My Girl” yesterday, check it out!! http://bit.ly/MyGirliTunes

Greyson Chance Talks about Ellen DeGeneres with Crushable.com

Greyson Chance recently spoke with Chrushable.com about Ellen DeGeneres’s departure from American Idol.

We reported back on July 30th about how Ellen DeGeneres stepped down from the American Idol stage as a judge after just one season.  We highlighted several reasons that influenced the TV talk show host’s decision, but what does Greyson Chance think about it?  On Thursday, Chance had the opportunity to speak with Crushable.com about the subject.

He told Crushable that American Idol wasn’t a good fit for Ellen because she is so busy and way too nice.  Greyson stated, “I couldn’t judge people like that, and I can totally understand where she’s coming from… that’s Ellen.”  Greyson added, “Her schedule for Idol was very busy… she was rushing everywhere”.

As we’ve said before, Ellen has dedicated herself to Greyson, his career and her new record label, ElevenEleven.  The young singer realizes this; according to Greyson, Ellen has become a really good friend who is always there for him.

After taking about Ellen for a while, Greyson shifted gears and dished out some more information about his upcoming album which we now know is scheduled to be released in time for the holiday season.  We already knew that Greyson would be covering Lady Gaga’s “Paperazzi” and Augustana’s “Fire”, but we learned that one of his new songs will be called “I’m Done”.  Greyson told Crushable that this song isn’t about anyone in particular, “It’s someone I don’t know who makes me mad”.

In an unrelated topic, we also learned about one of Greyson’s favorite TV shows!  Greyson revealed that if he had his way, he would be starring on “Glee”, a musical comedy-drama television series that airs on FOX.

For those unfamiliar with Crushable.com, they deliver a unique environment, where their loyal readers and experienced editorial team engage and discuss the hot topics of the day.  Be sure to check them out!