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Greyson Chance Twitter Q&A #PlanetX

twittertalk1Greyson Chance took to Twitter on Tuesday night to chat with fans and answer questions about PlanetX!

We went through Twitter and put together the questions and answers which can be found below!


Q: Which song means the most to you?

What a great first question. It changes often, right now it would be a track called Benjamin Franklin, it’s the only piano vocal on the album. I couldn’t listen to it after we wrote it; made me too sad! Now i play that shit 247.

Q: Do you enjoy making your music in your home studio?

I love making music everywhere! The best thing about PlanetX is that is was made so unconventionally. we wrote songs in hotel rooms, sculpted melodies in restaurants, and wrote a lot of it in Oklahoma! Which naturally I love.

Q: Do you have any special rituals/routines that you do before recording???

No actually! However, when I was recording in okc, I would take a long drive in moses before sessions and blare daft punk.

Q: You recently started spending a lot of time in the woods. what is the reason?

I love spending time in forests and naturalistic areas. I do a lot of reading and writing out there. It’s my safe place!

Q: Thrilla in Manila was a epic fight, in which way this is related to the song?

Thrilla is about turmoil within friend groups when friends start becoming more than friends. The fight was purely a metaphor for those times when shit hits the fan, and of course I think we have all been there!

Q: Are all your songs in PlanetX inspired by by real life events?

Some scenarios or songs I would say yes, however most of the songs were written in my fantasy of what I wished was real; speaking as a person who I wanted to be, etc.

Q: What was the weirdest inspiration you had during PlanetX creation process?

I was keeping a lot of dream journals during the writing, or just weird notations of what I was dreaming. I know, I’m strange basically, I have some weird ass dreams. So that would probably be my most strange inspiration.

Q: You going to do a tour of this cd?

I’m not rehearsing this show for no reason!

Q: Are the tracks in any specific order?

There is an interesting sub-plot within the record that I’m curious if anyone will pick up on the tracks were arranged sonically, but also to fit that sub-plot! There is a story within a story!!!

Q:  As a songwriter, how do you deal with writer’s block?

It’s the worst thing! I try to spend a lot of time not revolving around music, sometimes the brain can get very overloaded; I spend a lot of time with friends and a lot of time sleeping.

Q:  There is a significant change in your writing style from when you started out to now, any thoughts on old songs?

As a writer, you evolve; that’s what happened with me! I still love HOTTN and my earlier works, but I’m looking for the future.

Q: Whatcha gonna do when I fight for u?

I’m going to say DAYYYUUUMMM and put that shit on WoRldStAr!

Q: What’s a song from PlanetX that the fans will relate to the most?

I think everyone will relate best to Moonlight. The lyric is, “When you’re ever feeling low, just look up for the moonlight,” I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that!

Q: Who are some of the producers you worked with on Planet X?

I worked primarily with my friend Gordon! Once I met him and got into the studio with him, I knew he was my guy.  However, Ron Aniello does make a production appearance on the album. Has anyone ever heard of Bruce Springsteen? 🙂

Q:  What’s your ‘usual’ reaction on people, criticizing your new music?

I accept the fact that some people are going to enjoy my earlier stuff more than this record; it’s something I can’t beat.  However, I respect those people and hope that they can find some source of joy from the record. This was just the direction that I saw for myself at this time and some people just aren’t going to like that.

Q: What is your favorite book at the moment? 

Right now, I am finding myself rereading the Prophet by Gibran. Helps one become a better person!!

Q: Favorite poem at the moment ? 

August Kleinzahler’s “Sleeping It Off in Rapid City”

Q: Which Amy Winehouse song would you say inspired you the most for PlanetX?

I featured “Take The Box” on the playlist… It is one of my favorite tracks from her; she was too damn good.

Q: What do you love most about Chicago??? 

The pizza and the trains.

Q: I’m really diggin’ the view into your world. I love the connection you have with us. What’s your opinion on Bowie?

He’s the champ. I have a live print of his on vinyl and I listen to it all the time. He was so good on stage.

Q: Last drink you drank?

Bourbon, neat.

Greyson Chance Turns to Fans for Song Suggestions

Greyson Chance has been performing covers of songs since he was a young boy living in Edmond, Oklahoma.  He is turning to his fans though for suggestions on what songs he should cover next, during his Asia tour next month.

Greyson’s most notable cover to date, launching his music career, remains his famous rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” which he performed at Edmond’s sixth grade music festival.  Since posting that video on YouTube nearly two-years ago Greyson has covered a number of songs during his live concerts including Augustana’s “Fire”, Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” and Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, just to name a few.

Today Greyson told his fans on Twitter (all 1,742,000 + of them) that he is working on his set list for the Asia tour and would like suggestions as to what songs he should cover during it.  You can help Greyson out by tweeting him suggestions, @GreysonChance.

(Example: “@GreysonChanceMe said you were looking for suggestions. @GreysonChance you should cover “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra!”)

So what do you think Greyson should cover during his upcoming Asia tour?  Even if you live in another region, there is no doubt that these covers will be posted right here on Greyson’s fan site during the tour thanks to all his fans in Asia, so tweet away!


Greyson Chance Receives Support from Jaden Smith, Nas and Perez Hilton

Greyson Chance released his debut album Hold On ‘Til The Night yesterday and since then has received support from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Cody Simpson, his little sister Alli Simpson and Ariana Grande were among the first to take to Twitter and tweet their support for Greyson and the album.

Superstars like Jaden Smith (Karate Kid), rapper Nas and Hollywood mega blogger Perez Hilton have all shown their support by tweeting millions of followers links to the new album or Unfriend You music video.

Justin Bieber shot out a tweet earlier this week telling us that he thinks Greyson sounds “great”.

Greyson has been receiving tremendous support and we would like to thank all of the stars that took the time to show their support for our main man!

Justin Bieber: Greyson Chance Sounds Great

Justin Bieber vs. Greyson Chance rivalry?  NOT!

Since Greyson Chance was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres last year, the comparisons between he and fellow YouTube-created singing sensation Justin Bieber have been numerous.

Enchancers and Beliebers have battled it out and media outlets have had a field day making comparisons of the two teens.

If there was any question that Justin was anything but impressed with and supportive of Greyson, that doubt was laid to rest last night.

Justin tweeted from his official Twitter account (@JustinBieber) – “http://t.co/1fzO4j4 keep it up bro.. voice sounds great bro keep it up.”

Yup! That’s a link to Greyson’s Unfriend You music video which as of this writing (3 hours after Justin’s tweet) has 3,837,500 views — nearly 4 million views!

We just wanted to take a moment and thank Justin for supporting Greyson and for the thoughtful comment about his music.  For those that don’t know, Justin has over 11 million followers on Twitter, the second highest.  Who is the first? Lady Gaga, Greyson’s idol!

What do you think of Justin tweeting about Greyson and the Unfriend You music video?

Leave a comment!

Greyson Chance Fans Interview Greyson

Greyson Chance Fans took to Twitter this week to interview Greyson!

Twitter is one of Greyson’s favorite ways to connect with his fans outside of live events, so it was too much of a surprise when he used it as a medium to answer questions live from fans.  The “twitterview” works like this:  Fans “tweeted” their questions to Greyson using a special hash tag (#greysonaugust2).  Greyson then sorted through the questions and picked a handful to answer by tweeting his response.

Much of the questions were geared around Greyson’s debut album, Hold On ‘Til The Night which is set to be released on August 2nd.  We’ve gone through and compiled all the questions and answers, you can find the complete interview below!

ZarahChance: What is your favorite song on Hold On ‘Til The Night and why?
Greyson Chance: My favorite song from HOTTN would probably be, Cheyenne. It is a little more soulful and Cheyenne has an awesome chorus.

AlyssaChance143: Where did you get most of the inspiration for Hold On ‘Til The Night from?
: Most of the inspiration comes from heartbreak, happiness sometimes anger, and love from all of my fans! My fans inspire me!

GreysonsDarling: Did your siblings take part in the making?
: They were never with me in the studio, but I was inspired when I missed them and missed home. I love them!

Jac_simpsonizer: Will you be singing your new songs at your shows this summer?
: I will be doing some new songs from the album on the tour. I am so excited for people to hear them!

HannahChance97:  On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love your fans?
: On a scale from 1-10? 1000000000000000000000000! As many zeros I can put! Love you all so much.

cali_gurl_swag: What’s your favorite part about meeting fans?
Greyson: I love seeing how they are inspired by the music I create! It makes it so much more meaningful. I also love their gifts!

JonasSimpsonn: What is your friendship like with Cody Simpson?
Greyson: Cody is a great friend! I had so much fun touring with him. We are always texting each other. He is a great guy!

JBieberAJoy: What ages is Hold On ‘Til The Night geared towards?
Greyson: The album is for all ages! It is very universal. Any age could understand and like it!

WorldofSimpson:  What was it like working with Ariana Grande in the Unfriend You Music Video?
: Doing the video with Ariana was great! She is so sweet. We had a lot of fun on set!

Haley4414: What song are you most excited for your fans to hear?
Greyson: I am excited for them to hear the title song. It took a lot for me to write it, and I hope it helps them gain confidence!

Awesome questions Greysonators!  Thanks to Greyson for taking the time to answer!

Greyson Chance Trends on Twitter

Greyson Chance caused quite a ruckus on Twitter early this morning after the release of his Unfriend You Music Video.

There was so much hype and excitement surrounding the release of his new music video that Greyson Chance was a trending topic on Twitter!

A big thanks goes out to all the Enchancers and Greysonators who took to Twitter this morning and let the world know that they support Greyson!

Now we need to trend #HoldOnTilTheNight as Greyson’s debut album ‘Hold On ‘Til The Night’ is coming out August 2nd!

Follow @GreysonChance and @GreysonChanceMe

Greyson Chance’s Waiting Outside The Lines (#WOTL) Trending on Twitter

Greyson Chance was the topic of discussion today on Twitter, literally!

It all started when Greyson logged on to his official Twitter account (@GreysonChance) and told his 370,00+ followers that it was karaoke time… Twitter style!  Greyson started off by tweeting the first line to his debut single, Waiting Outside The Lines.  Greyson then invited his followers to tweet each line of the song, he would then re-tweet one response for every line of the song.  Along with each tweet, Greyson told his fans to use  the hash tag “#WOTL” so that he could easily find those fans that were participating in the “karaoke”.

Well thousands of tweets later, “#WOTL” started trending on Twitter and made the front page!  For those that haven’t had there cup of coffee or red bull yet, “WOTL” means “Waiting Outside The Lines”.  One member of the Greyson Nation, @iEnchancer snapped a photo of the trending topic for us which you can find below.  (Anyone notice that right above #WOTL is “Damn Beliebers”, lol!)

Having a tropic trend on Twitter is absolutely amazing and it just goes to show you how strong the Greyson Nation is!  We have your back Greyson Chance!   Keep it up Enchancers and Greysonators… keep up the support for Greyson!

AND keep your browsers locked to the #1 Greyson Chance FanSite for much more to come!

Perez Hilton Tweets Support for Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance received a Tweet from one of the world’s most well-known bloggers and television personalities today, Mario Armando Lavandiera Jr. aka Perez Hilton! Perezhilton.com is known for posts covering gossip items about musicians, actors and celebrities.

If you’ve ever checked out Perez’s Twitter account @PerezHilton then you already know how active he is, not to mention the fact that he has over 2.5 million followers!  This is absolutely huge for Greyson!

Perez not only Tweeted Greyson once, but twice!  First Perez said, “Break a Leg” which was aimed at Greyson’s scheduled performance tomorrow on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which he will premiere his first single.  The very appreciative Greyson Chance responded by saying, “Thank you so much Perez.  Thank you so much for supporting me!  Can’t wait to see you again!”.  Perez would then Tweet, “Very curious to hear what direction you’re gonna go in for your first single!  Can’t wait to check it out!”

It’s awesome to see such big named players in the industry backing Greyson!  Congrats Greyson, you definitely deserve it!

Keep it locked to the #1 Greyson Chance Fansite on the entire planet for the very latest!  Much more coverage to come this week when Greyson’s single “Waiting outside the Lines” drops tomorrow!

Greyson Chance Advocates for Anti-Bullying

Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 students are involved in bullying? Did you know that while school violence as a whole is declining, bullying behaviors have increased by 5%? Did you know that kids who are obese, gay or have disabilities are up to 63% more likely to be bullied than other children? Did you know that last month alone, there were multiple suicide deaths as a result of bullying? These startling facts are the reason that Ellen DeGeneres and Greyson Chance have taken a stand against bullying and are speaking out against it.

Bullying is an epidemic that affects kids from grade school all the way through college. Eighteen-year-old Tyler Clementi committed suicide last week after two other university freshmen illegally recorded him in a sexual encounter with another man and broadcast-ed it over the internet. Tyler’s case is a prime example of Cyberbullying, the 21st century, high-tech way used to torment others.

So what is Cyberbullying? According to Wikipedia, “Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others.”  Whether it is the continued harassment of someone on a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace or an act of causing emotional harm to someone such as in Tyler Clementi’s case, Cyberbullying and bullying at any age is NOT okay.

This week TV Talk show host and founder of ElevenEleven records, Ellen DeGeneres spoke out against teenage bullying. Ellen publicly broadcast-ed a message which was shown on television and her website. Ellen urged us to take a stand against bullying and wants anyone who feels there alone to know that there is help out there.

Greyson Chance followed in the footsteps of his friend Ellen yesterday when he posted a message to his Twitter account (@GreysonChance) asking teens to stop the bullying, stand up for what’s right and make a difference.

Greyson Chance: This breaks my heart. We must stop bullying in our lives… Teens, I know. Gossip is a thing that is almost a necessity in Middle School. But we have to stop. Human lives are being taken away because of this bullying. Think about what you say before you say it. We know that it never feels good when we get talked about…so why do we do it to other people? This is something that we have to stop for the safety of the kids around the world. This is a cry for help…please stop bullying.

Greyson Chance is much more than just about the music. Greyson is on a mission to make a real difference in the world and is using his new-found stardom to accomplish this. If you haven’t checked out Greyson Chance’s performance at We Day 2010, be sure to do so. This event celebrated the power of young people as they create positive change in the world. This is just another prime example of Greyson’s determination to make a difference and use his fame for good!

Way to go Greyson! You rock and rock on!

The Trevor Project at 866 4U TREVOR. It’s a 24-hour, national help line for gay and questioning teens. You can learn more about The Trevor Project at their website: thetrevorproject.org.

Angels and Doves is a nationwide anti-bullying non profit organization.
Their website is AngelsandDoves.com

The National Center for Bullying Prevention is helping to promote awareness
and teach effective ways to respond to bullying. You can learn more about
them at their website: Pacer.org/bullying

The Matthew Shepard Foundation runs Matthew’s Place, an online community and resource center for LGBTQ youth. The website is matthewsplace.com

GLSEN is also a great organization that is working to eradicate bullying and
bias in schools. Their website is: glsen.org

STOMP Out Bullying is focused on reducing bullying and cyberbullying. Find out more on their website: stompoutbullying.org