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Greyson Chance Paparazzi One Year Anniversary!

Greyson Chance has come a long way since posting to YouTube, his performance of Paparazzi at the Edmond Music Festival.  Today, April 28th, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the video debuting and the statement “a lot can happen in one year” sums things up pretty well.

Greyson’s performance of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi went viral shortly after he posted it to YouTube one year ago today.  Once TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to get a glimpse of the twelve-year-old superstar she invited him onto her show.  Greyson made two appearances on Ellen’s nationally televised show which led to a record deal with ElevenEleven and Mavrick/Geffen Records.

In the year since Greyson has met his idol Lady Gaga, been featured by national media outlets around the world, walked the red carpets of some of the most prestigious events in the music industry, released his first EP, gone on tour with Miranda Cosgrove, performed for (and met) President Barack Obama and is in the mists of headlining a tour with Cody Simpson; oh, and he’s about to release his debut album!  All in one year!

Greyson has a loyal fan following, evident with over a half-MILLION followers on Twitter and over 39 million views of his Paparazzi video.

Through it all Greyson has managed to keep his management team in check, doing things his way!

GreysonChanceWeb has been with Greyson from the very beginning and what a journey it has been.  We can only imagine what the next year, two years, three years and beyond will bring.  Greyson’s future certainly is bright and there is no slowing down!

As always, keep it locked right here on the #1 Greyson Chance FansSite for all the very latest.

New Greyson Chance Events Schedule!

Greyson Chance Fans can now easily find out when and where Greyson will be performing in concert, when he’ll be on television as well as any other scheduled public appearances.   Greyson’s #1 FanSite is pleased to announce our new “Events Schedule” which will continually be updated with all the latest scheduled Greyson Chance events.

When will Greyson Chance be on tour?

We’ve just recently added all the dates Greyson will be making appearances on the “Dancing Crazy” tour with Miranda Cosgrove.  Also added are a few new television appearances scheduled in the near future.  Be sure to keep checking the schedule as new events will be continually added. 

To access the Events Schedule simple click on “Events Schedule” on the main ‘red’ navigation menu!

Will Greyson be making a stop in your town?  Stay tuned to the #1 Greyson Chance FanSite to find out!

Greyson Chance Forum Goes Live!

Greyson Chance fans everywhere have been at a loss since the discussion board (forum) was taken offline over at Greyson’s official website, Greyson-Official.com.  We can only speculate the reasons for this; it could possibly be that it’s only temporary or there is a chance that they just don’t have the man power to keep up with it.  Whatever the reason(s) may be, you no longer need to worry because the Greyson Chance Forum has gone live right here on his fan site!

That’s right!  Due to popular demand we’ve launched a forum (message board, discussion board, chat board… whatever you want to call it) right here on Greyson’s #1 Fansite for the fans!  Anyone who is currently registered with GreysonChanceWeb.com is already a member of the forums!!!  If you’ve registered with us before and forgot your password, no worries just visit the Forgot My Password link and we’ll mail it to you automatically within seconds!

If you have not registered with GreysonChanceWeb.com, no worries… IT’S FREE!  Just REGISTER now and start enjoying all the benefits of being a registered member, including being able to post on the new forum!

We’ve added a link to the main navigation (the big red bar at the top of this website) which links over to the forum as well!  Be sure to bookmark it: http://www.GreysonChanceWeb.com/forum — If you have any questions, be sure to contact us and let us know!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to checkout the new forum, post topics and participate in discussions!

The Chance to Stop Bullying is Now

Last week we told you that Greyson Chance Web had joined forces with Greyson Chance and Ellen DeGeneres to combat the growing problem of bullying.  Since this time we’ve launch The Chance to Stop Bullying Campaign and have received support from Greyson himself as we stand up to bullies across the world and say “enough is enough”.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who has taken a stand along-side us and vowed to end this growing problem once in for all.  The response on Twitter to our #TheChanceToStopBullying challenge has been tremendous and we really think people are starting to open there eyes to the reality of the situation.  One of our long time readers who goes by the cleverly coined name, GreysonShakesIt is one of many who have joined the fight against bullying.  Putting things into perspective a bit, she put together a short video highlighting some of the scary statistics surrounding bullying.

Checkout the video below GreysonShakesIt made for our #TheChanceToStopBullying campaign.  Some startling statistics highlighted in the video include that in the U.K. 15-25 people commit suicide each year due to bullying.  In the U.S. 1 in 3 students are involved in bullying.  We are also reminded that you are not alone if you are being bullied and there are plenty of organizations and people out there that want to help.

Thanks again to everyone who has joined us and are standing up to bullying.  Together we can, will and already have made a difference!  Remember to show your support for the cause by Tweeting the hash tag #TheChanceToStopBullying!  Don’t let up!

The CHANCE to Stop Bullying is now!

Be sure to following Greyson’s #1 Fansite on Twitter: @GreysonChanceMe

The CHANCE to Stop Bullying Campaign

Yesterday we posted an article bringing awareness to bullying in light of the tragic story of eighteen-year-old Tyler Clementi who committed suicide after being tormented by his peers.  Greyson Chance and Ellen DeGeneres have both publically spoken out against bullying, bringing attention to a subject that can no longer be ignored and must be addressed.

Greyson Chance Web has since joined the fight to bring awareness to the subject by reaching out to our readers, asking that you too take a stand!

We are starting our official The CHANCE to Stop Bullying challenge on Twitter.  There are two parts to this challenge, first show your support against bullying and take stand by trending the topic #TheChanceToStopBullying on Twitter.  Trend it today and everyday to show that you are against bullying and will stand up against it!  The second part is, when you see someone being bullied, whether it is at school or over the internet (Cyberbullying) stand up and let them know, “IT’S NOT OKAY”.

Bullies attempt to humiliate and torment others to make themselves feel better and feel “cool”.  If we take a stand against bullies and let them know that what they are doing is “not cool” and not okay, they will stop!

Now is the time (our CHANCE) to STOP bullying.

Join Greyson Chance and Greyson Chance Web as we bring awareness to this subject on Twitter.

Trend the topic #TheChanceToStopBullying and stand up to bullying!

You’re Welcome Greyson Chance and Thank You!

Yesterday was pretty exciting for Greyson Chance’s #1 Fansite, GreysonChanceWeb.com (GCW).  We’ve be following Greyson from the very beginning of his career and are proud to say that we are statistically his largest fan site on the web with over 6,000 registered users, over 3,000 Twitter followers (@GreysonChanceMe) and a rapidly growing Facebook fan page.  But that really isn’t new news, so what is all the fuss about?

Well, on Monday we published an article talking about how dedicated Greyson Chance has shown to be towards his music career, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a professional singer.  On Tuesday when Greyson Chance logged on to GCW, he checked out the article and actually took the time out of his busy day to personally thank us!

Yesterday evening Greyson Tweeted from his Twitter account (@GreysonChance): “Thank you guys for this article! All of you are incredible!”  Greyson added in a link to our article and his signature backwards smiley face at the end.

Greyson, we can’t even begin to put into words how much it means to us that you would take the time and go out of your way to thank us.  The reality is though; we are not the incredible ones, that title is reserved for you!  We are just so happy to have found your talent so early on and have had the opportunity to follow your career from the start!  We vow to be with you every step of the way, keeping all your fans informed about all the latest Greyson Chance News, information and of course the photos which we all love!  We got your back!

This isn’t the first time Greyson has mentioned GreysonChanceWeb on Twitter either, back on July 27th Greyson Tweeted our site and said, “This website is really cool and is always up to date about everything!”  On July 28th Greyson dropped by the Greyson Chance Fan Chat Room and Tweeted that he was in the room.

The support from Greyson Chance and all his fans has been amazing.  We keep this site going with your support and to hear again from Greyson Chance himself only adds renewed energy to make our community even better.  If you haven’t checked out Greyson’s official site yet, Greyson-Official.com, be sure to do so.  Together Greyson-Official.com and GreysonChanceWeb.com will bring you all you need to know about you favorite teen singer and his career.

Thanks again Greyson, if you ever need anything, drop us a line!  We are here for you!

Till’ next time, Rock on!

Greyson Chance Video Gallery is Here

The Greyson Chance Video Gallery has officially been launched, just days after our announcement of the Greyson Chance Photo Gallery!

Last week we introduced to you our photo gallery, the most comprehensive collection of Greyson Chance Photos on the planet!  Today we are pleased to announce that our video gallery is ready for viewing as well!

Previously users had to scroll through post after post under the video category in order to checkout videos on the site.  We’ve now taken all the videos from the posts and put them into one huge collection for easy viewing!  The option is still available to check out the videos by post if you prefer to read the story which goes along with it though, so no worries!

We’ve combed the web for just about every Greyson Chance video we could find and have put together an awesome collection which we think fans are really going to enjoy… and it will be updated all the time!

So what are your options to view these awesome Greyson Chance videos we’ve collected?

1)      On the main navigation menu (in red) at the top of the site, roll your cursor over “Video Gallery” (or click it).  This will display a sub navigation with the preset categories that the videos have all been neatly sorted into (performances, media coverage, funny or die, other, fans singing and fan tributes).  Click on the category(s) that interest you and view away!

2)      The second option is the traditional method which is “Videos by Post”.  This option allows you to scroll through stories (posts) which have videos attached to them.  This allows you to not only watch the video, but read the story that goes along with it.  To view this option roll your cursor over “Video Gallery” and choose “Videos by Post” from the sub navigation that appears!

We are ecstatic that we’ve finished up this project and are now able to make it available to Greyson Chance fans worldwide!  No more scrolling through YouTube weeding out the bogus videos.  Just check back right here on Greyson’s #1 Fansite all the time as videos will be continually added and sorted for you!

If we do happen to miss a video, feel free to submit it to us using the form at the bottom of the main video gallery homepage!

Thanks for visiting and supporting Greyson’s BIGGEST fan site on the web!  Rock on!

Greyson Chance Photo Gallery is Here!

The Greyson Chance Photo Gallery has officially been launched and is now available for public viewing!

That’s right Greyson Chance fans; you requested it and now you got it!  We are pleased to introduce to the Greyson Nation the most comprehensive Greyson Chance Photo Gallery on the web!  After some of our recent posts which have included photos, we started to receive feedback requesting that all the available Greyson Chance photos be organized in one place for easy access, without having to scroll through numerous posts.  Well, we listened and the gallery is ready for viewing!

To access our official Greyson Chance Photo Gallery:

Check out the main navigation (in red) at the top of the website.  Look for a link called “Photo Gallery” and hover your cursor over it.  A sub navigation with two options will then appear, “Photo Gallery” and “Pictures by Post”. 

“Photo Gallery” will bring you to the new gallery with all pictures neatly organized in one place.  “Pictures by Post” will allow you to view all posts which have a photo gallery attached to them.   Keep in mind that any photos found under “Pictures by Post” can also be found under “Photo Gallery”.  By selecting “Pictures by Post” you will be able to see the photos and read the story that goes along with them at the same time.

We’ve spent countless hours organizing the photos into categories and tagging them appropriately for optimization purposes, so we are excited to finally make this available to Greyson fans world-wide.  Currently we have close to 200 photos in the gallery but we will be adding more on a consistent basis, so check back all the time!

So what are you waiting for?  Start checking our Greyson Chance Pictures now!

This project was completed at the request of several members of the GreysonChanceWeb community.  Greyson Chance’s #1 Fansite is here for the fans and we always welcome any comments and suggestions to make the site better.  We thank everyone who contributed to this project!

Greyson Chance Birthday Video, Starring You

We received an e-mail from Leila, a member of the Greyson Nation late last night asking for our help.  Leila is working on a video for Greyson’s birthday which is next week (August 16th) when he turns 13 years old.   She would like Greyson fans to come together and submit videos and fan art which can then be edited together into one video for Greyson which we will present to him on his birthday.  We thought this was an awesome idea, so we are going to help Leila out on this one!

So let’s get it going!  Record your short video wishing Greyson a happy birthday.  Get those crayons out and make a birthday card.  However you want to express your birthday wishes, when you’re done, e-mail it to us at the address below! We will work with Leila on getting the videos together and making an awesome gift for Greyson.  We know how much Greyson appreciates his fans, so we are sure he is going to love this!

Be sure to include your Twitter or YouTube user name with your submission if you would like it mentioned in the video too!

Greyson Chance Official Website Debuts

Greyson Chance’s web presence just got a little bigger with the launch of Greyson-Official.com.

This site will serve as Greyson’s official music site while GreysonChanceWeb.com continues to serve as a home for his fans.  Greyson-Official.com is still in its infant stages of development.  Right now you can logon and sign up for the site’s mailing list which will enable you to receive updates as development progresses.  A Twitter feed, links to Greyson’s social media sites and his biography have also been added.

We expect that once finished, the site will include features such as artist information, videos, events, tour/concert dates and possibly an online store stocked with promotional merchandise.

Together, Greyson-Official.com and GreysonChanceWeb.com will bring you everything you want to know about Greyson Chance.

We would once again like to thank the Greyson Nation for all your support and making us Greyson’s premiere fan site on the web.

Thank you,

The Greyson Chance Fan Site Development Team