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Videos | Greyson Chance FanSite

Planet X Inspiration with Greyson Chance

Ginspirationplanetxreyson Chance talks about the inspiration behind his soon to be released LP, Planet X.

In a new YouTube video Greyson tells us that funk music, specifically from the artist “Prince”, was one of the biggest inspirations.

There was a lot of alternative inspiration on the record as well, including the song “Dance with Me” from the English electronic music duo “Monarchy”.

Lastly, singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was a huge inspiration for Greyson. Winehouse is known for her deep contralto vocals and eclectic mix of music genres including soul, rhythm and blues, jazz and reggae.

Hear all this and more from Greyson Chance himself by checking out the video below!

Thrilla in Manila The Wire Mix by Greyson Chance

thrillamixGreyson Chance just released the first remix of Thrilla in Manila, by The Wire.

During the creation of Greyson’s upcoming LP, Planet X, he often found peace and time for reflection and mediation at a cemetery in Oklahoma. This is the very place Greyson is when he introduces us to this new remix which you can listen to below!


Greyson Chance Welcomes You To Planet X

planetxGreyson Chance is blessed to be working on his upcoming LP, Planet X! Greyson has been “away from the scene”, working on his record, but is eager to reintroduce himself.

This is the message in his latest YouTube video, Welcome to Planet X!  Check it out below.

We here are Greyson Chance Web can’t wait to hear Planet X!

Thrilla in Manila Audio by Greyson Chance

thrillavideoGreyson Chance just released the audio for his new single, Thrilla in Manila!

He has been out of the spotlight for a while now, but is ready to make his comeback, and has certainly started off in a big way.  This track is definitely a new sound for Greyson for those of you who have been following his career from the start.  You’ll either love his new vibe, or you won’t, but it’s here!

We are absolutely digging this track and can’t wait for the full LP to be released!

Greyson Chance Dances Gangnam Style

By now everyone has heard the hit single “Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop artist PSY.  Gangnam Style went viral, praised for its catchy beat and PSY’s amusing dance moves.  Although Greyson Chance is not known for his dance moves, he has busted one or two on occasion.

For no reason other then because we thought it would be very funny and entertaining, we put together this short video of Greyson Chance dancing Gangnam Style!  Enjoy!

Greyson Chance Sunshine and City Lights Music Video

Greyson Chance has just released the new music video for his single Sunshine and City Lights.

The song, Sunshine and City Lights is about falling in love with your youth and staying young.  When Greyson was writing the song, he was inspired by what he does with his friends back home and even being mischievous sometimes.

The video is about two Long Island kids sneaking out into the big city at night, having fun and being themselves.  We think it’s perfect.  What do you think?

Behind The Scenes of Sunshine & City Lights Music Video

Greyson Chance will soon release the music video for his newest single, Sunshine and City Lights but right now we’re giving you a sneak peak behind the scenes of the video!

We follow Greyson as he takes over New York City!  We meet the director of the Sunshine and City Lights video before checking out some of the scenes which will be featured throughout the video.  From Broadway Street to nearly walking on water, Greyson covers it all as he works throughout the night to capture some amazing shots.


Checkout Greyson Chance and behind the scenes of Sunshine and City Lights below!

Greyson Chance… feet stinking up Manhattan since 2012! (LOL!)

Greyson Chance Fans and Favorite Things

What do cell phones, a bullet, Harry Potter, Tic Tacs, dry sugary mango’s and photography all have in common? Well, they happen to be among Greyson Chance’s favorite things!

We told you earlier this month that Greyson partnered with Everloop to bring us some behind the scenes footage as well as run contests for the fans. In part 2 of the series (just released), Greyson not only reviews fan submissions from the first contest and picks a winner but he reveals some of his favorite things!

Our favorite part of the video is the beginning bloopers in the studio! “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore!” “Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York!”

Greyson Chance Behind The Scenes

Greyson Chance recently partnered with Everloop and thanks to this new partnership we’ll be getting more behind the scenes access with Greyson!

In this first video we get to see Greyson in the studio!  He also shares with us s a little about his journey to where he is today and talks about contests fans can participate in!

This is only a preview of what’s yet to come!

“The board is SO NOT fragile… press all the buttons, make them all light up”… LOL!

Greyson Chance Sings Frank Sinatra “My Way”

Greyson Chance recently released a new video on YouTube of himself singing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra was an American singer and film actor who passed away in 1998.  In 1965, when Sinatra was 50-years-old he recorded “My Way” among several other hits including “Strangers in the Night” and “September of My Years”.

Greyson did a marvelous job with his cover of this legendary song.