Greyson Chance & Cody Simpson Kick Off Waiting 4U Tour in St. George, Utah

Greyson Chance and his best mate, Cody Simpson got the highly anticipated Waiting 4U Tour underway in St. George, Utah this past Sunday (April 10th).

With the Waiting 4U Tour officially underway, Greyson and Cody have begun their cross country journey, visiting approximately 25 cities all over the United States.  Greyson’s first time headlining a tour and second time ever on tour started off with a bang as he hit the stage of the Dixie Convention Center. 

Greyson performed a few of his classic songs including Paparazzi as well as his hit single Waiting Outside The Lines.  Some new (awesome) flavor was definetly added to the mix though; Greyson had an array of new songs including Light up The Dark which the screaming fans of Utah all went nuts for.  One of the most exciting parts of the night was when Greyson and Cody hit the stage together for a song, Greyson even showed us a few of his “moves” which we rarely see from the piano playing, vocal raising teen.

If all the action on stage wasn’t enough for you to handle, the meet and greet following the performance was out of control!  Drones of Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson fans filled the room for the opportunity to get an autograph, hug and/or photo from their two favorite teen singers. 

It was an exciting night for Greyson but an emotional one as well being that it was his first time ever headlining a show.  Greyson wants to let all his fans know how great it was to see them and see all the posters, t-shirts and face paint they were decked out in.  Sharing the stage with his friend Cody Simpson was really a fun experience for Greyson; hanging out with him and his family on their tour “party” bus has been great.

Greyson and Cody have an exciting journey ahead of them as the Waiting4U Tour continues, so stay tuned right here to the Greyson Chance Fan Site for continuing coverage on the road!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson Perform Together

Greyson Chance Performs “Light Up The Dark” Live!

Fans Meet Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson After the Show

Next Stop: Denver, CO!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson Take Over Radio Disney, Talk ‘Waiting 4U Tour’

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson dropped by Radio Disney today and chatted with host Ernie D on The Take Over!

Sitting down for a “double trouble” interview, Greyson and Cody talked  about there upcoming tour.  Greyson promises that the tour is going to be “amazing” and Cody is excited for the fans to see two different sides of pop music.

During an interview with Bop and Tiger Beat following there on-air interview Greyson and Cody were asked a series of questions pertaining to the upcoming Waiting 4U Tour.

Q: You named your summer tour the Waiting 4U Tour.  How did you come up with the name?
A: After going through hundreds of names they finally decided on “Waiting 4U” which is a mashup of Greyson’s “Waiting Outside The Lines” and Cody’s EP “4U”.

Q: We know you’re planning a super-secret duet on stage.  Can you tell us some secrets about it?
Greyson and Cody are doing a cover of a song together.  Greyson has done this cover before but Cody will be adding some “pizzaz” to it!

Q: You guys are great friends. Do you have a secret handshake?
No, but they’ll work on something!  Greyson likes the handshake from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Q: You’re sharing a tour bus… did you name it!?
Yes they did! It’s called… The Party Bus! (Really!)

Q: How do you stay in touch with your other friends while you’re traveling and touring?
Texting, Skype, TinyChat and Facebook!

On a personal note Greyson let us know that he recently moved to the beach in Los Angeles; Cody is rather jealous, probably because he’s an avid swimmer.

During the show fans had the opportunity to call in and ask Greyson and Cody questions.  One fan asked if they like to sing along with any songs in particular that aren’t theirs. Greyson said that when he wakes up in the morning he puts on a Temptations record and sings along with them as he gets ready for the day.  Cody let us in on one of his hidden talents, apparently he can listen to a song 1 or 2 times and know all the lyrics so he often sings along with a variety of artists.

The Waiting 4U Tour kicks of tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Greyson Chance & Cody Simpson Ready For Utah, Waiting 4U Tour!

Update: Due to bad weather in Utah, the show on 4/9 has moved to the Dixie Convention Center. See u there!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson are giving the people of Washington County, Utah something to get excited about; the start of the Waiting 4U Tour!

The Waiting4U Tour kicks off this saturday, April 9th at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins, Utah.

Greyson and Cody will be joined at this venue by Camryn, an eleven-year-old vocal powerhouse who got started on YouTube.

We’re absolutley pumped for this tour and can’t wait to follow along with Greyson and Cody as they travel accross the country performing in a different venue each night.  Greyson and Cody have been hard at work this past week rehersing and getting ready to hit the road. 

 Greyson told us that he’s excited to get back on the road for the tour. 

Checkout this video of the boys talking about their show this Saturday in Utah!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson Take Over Radio Disney This Friday

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson take over Radio Disney this Friday, April 8th!


Greyson is no stranger to the crew over at Radio Disney; back in November of 2010 Greyson was on ‘The Takeover’ and performed the first ever acoustic version of his single, Waiting Outside The Lines.  We can’t wait to see what Greyson has in store this time!

Be sure to tune in at 3pm PT/6pm ET; if you miss it just check right back here on the #1 Greyson Chance FanSite for complete coverage!  Radio Disney’s The Takeover

In case you were wondering, Greyson is currently #6 on Radio Disney’s Top 30!
Cody is currently locked into the #1 spot!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson Kids Choice Awards ClevverTV ‘Waiting 4U’ Tour Interview

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson had some laughs on the orange carpet of the Kids Choice Awards tonight as they discussed their upcoming Waiting 4U Tour!

Joslyn from ClevverTV caught up with Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson at the Kids Choice Awards!  During the first minute and half of the interview Cody talks about the Waiting 4U Tour which he’ll be on with Greyson this month. Cody is pretty excited about touring with his new buddy Greyson, “Two teenagers on a bus, it’s going to be a party!” he said.

When Greyson jumped into the interview Joslyn asked the duo what songs they would like to see each other cover on tour.  Apparently Greyson already got his wish as Cody will be covering an unnamed song that he really likes during the tour.  Cody joked around, saying that he would like to hear Greyson cover “Pretty Boy Swag”!

When asked, Greyson said that he’ll be eating pop-chips and chick-fil-a on tour.  Cody said that he’ll be eating sour candy!  Greyson and Cody promise the tour will be “kick but” and “the best show ever” so be sure to get your tickets for the Waiting4U Tour now!  Check the events schedule for upcoming dates!

Greyson Chance at the Kids Choice Awards

Greyson Chance was at one of his favorite award shows this evening, the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards!

It was all smiles for Greyson who has always watched the Kids Choice Awards on television back home in Edmond, Oklahoma. The awards were held at the Galen Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

Greyson was joined at the awards by his future touring buddy and fellow teen singing sensation, Cody Simpson.  Cody will be touring with Greyson on the Waiting 4U Tour which will be kicking off in just days!

On the orange carpet Cody offered Greyson some words of wisdom about the show being that it was his first time at the Kids Choice Awards.  Greyson talked a bit about the upcoming tour and promises that his tour with Cody will be even wilder than the Dancing Crazy Tour which he wrapped up in February with Miranda Cosgrove.

While Greyson wasn’t up for a blimp (an award trophy) this year, we would put money on it that this won’t be the case in 2012!



Win Greyson Chance & Cody Simpson Concert Tickets for April 28th in Washington DC

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson concert tickets are up for grabs for the April 28th show in Washington, DC.

This show is part of the Waiting4U Tour which is scheduled to kick off the beginning of next month.

The contest is presented by the Washington City Paper and is open to residents of D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

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Show Details:
Thursday, April 28
Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Washington, DC

Greyson Chance Makes PopDust’s 17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things List

Greyson Chance has made his way onto the ‘17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things‘ list on

Popdust’s “17 Under 17” features artists, age 16 and under, who are best poised to capture the hearts of young America.

Greyson is joined on the list by his future touring partner Cody Simpson and label mates, Mindless Behavior.

Checkout the breakdown below! What do you think?

  1. Willow Smith
  2. Jaden Smith
  3. Lyrikkal
  4. Rebecca Black
  5. Greyson Chance
  6. Cody Simpson
  7. Khalil
  8. Cherri Bomb
  9. China McClain
  10. Kicking Daisies
  11. Jasmine Sagginario
  12. Jackie Evancho
  13. Lauren Alaina/Thia Megia
  14. Mindless Behavior
  15. Diggy Simmons
  16. Jacob Latimore
  17.  Burnham

Be sure to VOTE FOR GREYSON CHANCE for the Next King of Pop!

Greyson Chance Talks Touring with ClevverTV

Greyson Chance stopped by ClevverTV earlier this month to talk about his upcoming television appearance on ‘Sonny With a Chance: So Random‘ but he also discussed his touring experience with Miranda Cosgrove.

You probably recall that Greyson joined Miranda on the Dancing Crazy Tour last month.  Greyson is now gearing up to hit the road once again, this time with Cody Simpson on the Waiting4U Tour so it was a perfect time to talk about what the thirteen-year-old singer learned on his first tour and reflect on some of the experiences along the way.

Greyson thought his first tour was “so incredible”, it was an “amazing tour” and the fans were “rocking out” at every show!

Greyson recalled that a normal day on tour would consist of him waking up early and taking a shower around 6:00/7:00am.  After breakfast he would head out for an early morning television appearance and then go back to the hotel for a short power nap.  In the afternoon Greyson was all business with either school work and/or more promos.  Finally in the evening he would head off to the venue where he was going to perform for sound check and then actually do the show.  After the show it was more promos before heading back to the tour bus to drive to the next city! (Phew!)

One of the things Greyson said that was unexpected about touring was the fact that it was so rewarding but it was extremely tiring.  Greyson said that he learned how to control his voice on tour and save it for when he needed it.  Miranda was a great mentor to Greyson on tour, teaching him the ins and outs of performing on stage.

To hear about some of the other things Greyson talked about, checkout the video below!

Greyson Chance Talks Touring with Miranda Cosgrove on ClevverTV!

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson ‘Waiting4U Tour’ Featured on TicketMaster

Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson are only weeks away from kicking off the Waiting4U Tour which starts April 9th in Utah.

A quick check of TicketMaster’s website ( today revealed that the highly anticipated tour has made it’s way to the front page, “Recommended Events” section of the mega ticket outlets website.

You can checkout all the upcoming concerts on the Events Schedule.

To purchase tickets visit TicketMaster.

Stay tuned for complete coverage of the Waiting4U Tour right here on the #1 Greyson Chance FanSite!