Greyson Chance Answers Questions on Cambio

Greyson Chance chatted live on Cambio earlier today, answering questions from fans!

Greyson took your questions this afternoon during a half-hour long interview/chat in the Cambio studio.  Covered during the chat included topics like Greyson’s favorites, celebrity crush, girls, new years resolutions and much much more!

Checkout the video below of Greyson Chance chatting live with Cambio and his fans!  We’ve gone through the entire video and summarized each question below the video for those of you that don’t have the time to watch the entire video. (It’s what we do for the fans!)

What is Greyson’s favorite movie of all time?
Good Fellas

How many pizzas can Greyson eat before throwing up?
Depends what type of pizza.  He usually eats 2 or 3 slices but can eat 6 or 7 if he’s really hungry and has ate around 11 before!

Where would the Greyson take a girl on a first date?
Movies or dinner!

Will Greyson ever come to Standford, CT?
He believes he’s going through Connecticut while on tour!

Is Greyson Chance, Greyson’s real name?

Who is Greyson’s celebrity crush?
Dianna Agron from Glee! She’s so pretty!

Why is Greyson so adorable?

Greyson doesn’t consider himself adorable… but he thanks the fans that thinks he is!

Who is Greyson’s favorite singer?

Favorite artist: Lady GaGa
Favorite band: Motley Crew
Greyson likes old rock and roll!

What does Greyson want for Christmas?
Lots of Harry Potter wands.

Is Greyson going to Spain?
While Greyson heard that Spain is awesome, he doesn’t know right now… hopefully in the future.

Greyson’s favorite Paramour song is….
Misery Business!

Greyson remembered his fans that he met at star bucks!

What is Greyson’s favorite YouTube video?

Antwon Dawson and he likes “Charley Bit my Finger” too!

Would Greyson fall in love with an ordinary girl from Florida?
Yes!  He’s in love with all of his fans!!! (Really!)

What does young Chance look for in a girl?
No games and no artificial girls (no makeup).

Has Greyson ever broken a bone?


Greyson Chance and Miranda Cosgrove are going on tour… what is Greyson looking forward to about it?
He can’t wait to get on stage and can’t wait to connect with the fans in the audience!

Greyson takes a moment to wish Emily a happy early birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

Greyson would like to do a duet with who?

Amy Winehouse or Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera

Greyson wishes Caitlin a happy birthday too and tells us he’s doing great today!

Does Greyson like Britney Spears!
He loves Ms. Spears! – Likes Toxic and Stronger!

Does Greyson like Justin Bieber?
He loves Justin Bieber.  He loves the music and he’s a really cool guy.

Can Greyson say something in Spanish?
Hola! Buenos Dias!

What is Greyson’s New Year’s resolution?

Don’t know yet!

What is Greyson’s favorite song off his new album?
Purple Sky – It’s about teenage suicides. “I think it’s going to help a lot of people”.

What was Greyson up to this Holloween?
He was a man riding an ostridge but broke the costume after tripping on a curb! (Aww)

Does Greyson have any pets?

A dog (Macy) and two cats (Oreo and Smokey)

What is Greyson’s favorite song?

He can’t answer that! – He has a new favorite every week it seems like!

What is Greyson’s favorite color?

Black and white.

Does Greyson Chance have a girlfriend?

Nope! Single! (maybe not ready to mingle though!) “My girlfriends are all my fans”

What did Greyson think about Paris?
“Absolutely loved it”.

Permission has been granted for girls to call Greyson their girlfriend! (Go Tweet!)

What’s Greyson favorite TV show?

Glee, The Office, Saturday Night Live.

Would Greyson do a duet with Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson?

Greyson doesn’t think it would work out because they have different music styles.

What’s Greyson’s favorite food?

Does Greyson like Del Taco?

Never heard of it. Greyson’s sticking to McDonalds when it comes to fast food.

Greyson’s all time favorite Christmas movie?
The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Christmas Story and Elf

If Greyson could go on tour with anyone, alive or dead who would it be?
John Lennon – dead, Lady Gaga – alive – specifically the Monster Ball tour!

When Greyson went to school was the food gross?
At middle school it was actually pretty good.  The food in elementary school was bad!

Greyson ends it giving a shout out to Elissa, a Greysonaholic who is in the hospital! (So sweet!)