Greyson Chance Thanks a Dedicated Fan

A Greyson Chance super fan got the surprise of a lifetime today when she received a huge shout out and thank you from Greyson himself via Twitter. 

Back on June 30th, Gabby (YouTube: GabbyChance) posted an awesome fan video where she talked about her obsession with her favorite singer, Greyson Chance.  After we watched the video it was pretty apparent how inspired Gabby has been by Greyson. 

In the five minute long fan video Gabby talks about how Greyson has inspired her to continue playing the piano and attempts to recruit new enchancers (Enchancer:  A Greyson Chance Fan!)  

Throughout the video Gabby lists 10 reasons she loves Greyson: 

  1. He’s so down to earth and mature!
  2. I love his smile!
  3. He plays the piano, like me! 
  4. He sings as well.
  5. He sings and plays with his soul!  I can feel it.
  6. Greyson is smart, fun and inspirational!
  7. He’s friendly, funny, sweet and kind.
  8. He is so cute!
  9. He’s really handsome too!
  10. He also plays soccer!

If you recall, several weeks ago we talked about how Greyson Chance fans come from all over and listed Brazil as the #6 country with the most Greyson fans.  Well Gabby represents one of those Brazilian fans!  I imagine that since Gabby posted her video to recruit more enchancers, Brazil has moved up on the list… we’ll check up on that! 

Today Greyson Chance came across Gabby’s video while checking YouTube and was so impressed that he posted it to his Twitter account (@GreysonChance) and shot out a Tweet with the link to his 211,000+ followers.  In response to the video Greyson told us: 

This video is awesome!  It is great to know that I have “enchancers” out there supporting me!  I put a lot of emotion into my music and to know that people see that it makes me feel great!  Thank you Gabby! 


Gabby’s message during the Greyson Chance fan video.

Hey I’m Gabby, a Brazilian and proud enchancer!  I just wanted to tell you how much I love Greyson!  Please support him, he deserves at least 5 minutes of your attention! 

Sometimes people ask me how I can love Greyson if I don’t even know him 

I actually don’t know… I can’t explain exactly how I feel when I think about Greyson… 

Well, I know part of the reason of why I love Greyson: He’s so down to earth and mature! I love his smile! He plays the piano, like me! He sings as well. He sings and plays with his soul!  I can feel it. Greyson is smart, fun and inspirational! He’s friendly, funny, sweet and kind. He is so cute! He’s really handsome too! He also plays soccer! Support Greyson!  Be an enchancer!  I promise you won’t regret it! 

If I could, I’d spend the day here talking about Greyson… All I can say for now is that he is amazingly talented and really special!  I’m sure he’ll stay humble, because he’s awesome xD. 

I don’t mind if people will laugh at me because of my obsession with Greyson, I love him and I want to say it out loud!  And I’m not alone!  If you haven’t fallen in love with Greyson yet… Than WOW. 

I’ve been playing the piano since February 2007, and he inspired me a lot!  I’m learning to play Broken Hearts this FRIDAY!!  Well, I guess Greyson will never see this but.. Whatever!  All I want is to support him! 

Well, thank you so much Greyson!  I love you!  I just wanted you to know how awesome and inspirational you are! 

Did you notice that Gabby used several photos from Greyson’s #1 Fansite in her video!? That’s super awesome Gabby! Thanks for being a member of Greyson’s Largest Fansite…!

Greyson Chance in Seattle Washington

Greyson Chance must be living like a king right about now in the “Queen City” of Seattle, Washington.

At 10:34pm PST tonight (8/24/10), Greyson Chance shot out a Tweet to his 211,000+ followers letting them know that he is having a great time during his visit to Seattle.  Since Monday Greyson’s Twitter account (@GreysonChance) has been pretty quiet due to his Seattle travel plans. While it’s not being made public right now the reason for Greyson’s visit, we imagine that he’s continuing his PR tour as he works to promote himself and his upcoming album through interviews and photo shoots. 

This will be Greyson’s first official trip as a teenager (Happy Birthday again)!  After his performance for YouTube at their corporate offices in San Francisco last week, Greyson went back home to celebrate his birthday and enjoy the company of family and friends. 

Greyson is expected to be back in the full swing of things as he continues to promote himself and work on his album which is scheduled to be released this fall.

Greyson sent us a photo looking down at the city from his hotel room.  When we say he must be living like a king, we mean it… awesome view of the city skyline!  Greyson commented to us that “This city is great, I am loving it!”

Stay tuned to Greyson’s Biggest Fansite, GreysonChanceWeb for the very latest.

Greyson Chance is visiting Seattle Washington; did you know these cool facts about the city?

1. Seattle is the birthplace of rock legend Jimi Hendrix and the rock music style known as “grunge” which was created by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam.
2. Seattle is the northernmost major city in the continental United States.
3. It’s also the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and in the state of Washington.
4. Seattle is named after Chief Sealth “Seattle”.

Greyson Chance Plays the Night Away

Greyson Chance was up late, into the early morning hours poking away at the piano keys as he rocked the night away.

Most adults work nine-to-five jobs, come home, watch television for a few hours and go to sleep worn out.  Greyson has continually managed a busy work schedule that has included photo shoots, interviews and countless studio hours on a daily basis, all at 12 13 years old! (Happy Birthday again!)  One would think that after enduring this day-in and day-out, Greyson would have had enough.  Nope!

This isn’t the first of Greyson’s late night jam sessions on the piano either.  Showing true dedication to his career, Greyson has worked into the wee hours of the morning on several occasions as he strives to perfect his art and create musical magic. 

Early this morning around 1:00am PST, Greyson shot out a Tweet to all his followers stating, “Banging on my good old piano at 1 o’clock in the morning…this is the life”.  Greyson has shown that he not only fully embraces all that his new life has required of him, but he thoroughly enjoys every moment of it, as he does what he loves.

One thing we know Greyson doesn’t have to worry about doing early in the morning is going to school.  Greyson will be “home” schooled and taught on the road this year as he continues to pursue his dream and transform from just another kid on a piano to a professional recording artist.  As always, we continue to wish Greyson the best and will be there with him every step along the way.

Greyson Chance Backstage with Interscope Artists Destinee & Paris

Interscope recording artists, Destinee and Paris (Clique Girlz) welcomed Greyson Chance with open arms when they hung out together backstage at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

Ellen Degeneres and Popstar Magazine weren’t the only one’s who got a little one-on-one time with Greyson at the award show which aired last night on FOX.  As you probably recall, we told you that Greyson Chance and ElevenEleven records have partnered with Interscope/Geffen records for the expected holiday season release of Greyson’s very first album.

Interscope recording artists, Destinee and Paris (Clique Girlz) attended the award show with Greyson and had the oppertunity to hang out with him backstage!  Destinne and Paris commented after the show that Greyson was “such a little cutie” and “so talented too”!  It’s great to see that other artists on the label are opening up to Greyson and welcoming him into the music industry.

Greyson Chance Talks with Popstar Magazine at Teen Choice Awards

Greyson Chance talked to PopStar Magazine on the green carpet at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

Popstar Magazine has been all over Greyson Chance recently.  In two earlier interviews we wrote about how Greyson told Popstar what he looks for in a girl and his feelings on being compared to Justin Bieber.  It looks like pop magazine followed Greyson all the way to the Teen Choice Awards as well!

In a video interview just released by Popstar, Greyson is asked a few questions about the award show and what he was doing before he arrived.  We’ve transcribed the questions asked for you below and have made the video available at the bottom of this post!

Who are you most excited to see at the Teen Choice Awards?

I really, really want to meet the Glee cast, that’s my number one goal tonight, it’s been a lot of fun, this is a really fun process; it’s been a blast already!

What did you do before you came to the award show, what did you spend your morning doing?

I slept in, very long this morning.  I know I’m going to have a long night tonight.  So I slept a lot!

What would you give away if you had an award show?

I think it would be a golden mic.  I’ve always wanted to see somebody with that.  I’ll take a surfboard though!

Behind the Scenes with Greyson Chance at BlogHer

We just got our hands on some behind the scenes footage featuring Greyson Chance at BlogHer ’10 thanks to ConsumerQueen!

In the first video we see Greyson getting briefed backstage before he performs his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and his original songs, “Broken Hearts” and “Past” for the folks at the BlogHer conference.  Greyson then gives a shout out to his friends back home in Edmond, Oklahoma and lets them know he is coming home for his birthday on August 16th.

One of the funniest parts of the video is when the host tells Greyson that the room is being filled by female bloggers (1:28)… Greyson cracks a huge smile and gets super excited!  It looks like Greyson had a blast!

In the last part of the video we get to see Greyson close up as he performs his cover of Paparazzi!

In this second video Greyson performs his original song, “Broken Hearts” and kills it!

Greyson Chance PopEater Interview

Greyson Chance visited the PopEater offices in New York on July 23rd for an interview and photo shoot!

Greyson sat down with PopEater to talk about his upcoming album, his music career, the possibility of a tour, school-life, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres and of course, girls!

PopEater is one of the largest celebrity news and gossip sites on the Internet, so having the opportunity to be interviewed and promoted by them is an awesome accomplishment.  We got our hands on a video of the interview, as well as the transcripts (courtesy of PopEater), you can find them below.

Also check out the photos from the shoot.  Enjoy!

How’s it going, Greyson?
It’s going really good, I’m here in New York and I’m having a blast. This is the first time I’ve ever been here, it’s going great, I love the city.

Awesome! So did you arrange ‘Paparazzi’ like that?
I got the sheet music and I played it out like how it was originally written, and then it doesn’t sound anything like the original version, like how it does now. I changed it up a lot.

Do you do any other covers?
On my upcoming album, I have a couple. ‘Paparazzi’ of course is on there, and I also have a song called ‘Fire’ by Augustana.

What is happening with the album, with your music?
It’s great, I’m working with Interscope Records and Eleveneleven Records. The one who’s making my record is Ron Fair, who works with Interscope, and he’s a genius. He’s great, and he really knows what I want in the music. It’s a really interesting sound. It’s like pop, but then there’s these slow rock ballads, like some of them want to make you cry, it’s great and it’s like really unique. I love the way it’s coming along.

Great, so when might we hear some?
I think we’re going to possible release an EP around September.

Will you be playing some shows or doing a big tour?
I don’t think I’m going to be doing a tour anytime soon, but yeah, hopefully a couple shows.

And what’s happening with school?
I’m going into seventh grade, and I’m going to be doing online school this year.

You met Lady Gaga recently, right?
Yeah, actually I went to her concert in OKC, and she was … wow. I was blown away. She’s amazing, as a performer, and she’s an amazing person — she’s phenomenal, so nice, just so kind and genuine.

Now, even if you weren’t rocking the Biebs haircut, just the YouTube rise to fame would earn you some Justin Bieber comparisons. Thoughts?
It’s an honor. I mean, you know, what he has done in the music world is crazy. I mean, he’s 16, and he has like 3 million followers on Twitter. Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and Greyson Chance [laughs] — it’s kind of like a triangle right now. But, it’s an honor to be compared to him, but our music is different and it’s nothing personal, he seems like a really cool guy and I’d love to meet him and talk to him, but our music is different.

Is there a backup plan other than music?
Ah, backup plan … I don’t really know, my motto’s kinda “Go for today, don’t worry about the future, it’ll come eventually.”

You’ve been doing music since you were really young.
Really young, and it’s always been my dream to make an album. My biggest dream is to win a Grammy, and so hopefully that will come.

Is there anything else you’re ridiculously talented at, like singing and playing piano?
I’m a very good dancer.

No! Not at all. [laughs]

You’re about to turn 13, yeah?
In less than a month, August 16th.

Any big plans?
Everybody keeps on asking me that, I really don’t know. I don’t know!

C’mon — you’re going to be a teenager, man!
I’d love to come back to New York, I love it here, it’s great!

You and Ellen are best buds now, right?
Yeah, I mean, she’s amazing. I can’t describe her in words. She’s phenomenal, and she’s a really good friend, yes.

How often are you in touch?
Every day.

Wow, that’s great. And has anybody been treating you differently at home?
No, not really, I mean my friends are still my friends and when I’m hanging with them it’s nothing different. I’m still Greyson and it’s still a normal thing.

So they aren’t just like, “Wow man, who are you?!”
Oh, no no no, not at all.

This is my last thing: You know everybody wants to know about those little ladies in the video. What was going on there?
I actually met them a couple weeks ago, but before that I didn’t even know who they were.

Just girls in the audience. But I met them, they were extremely nice.

And have you been getting a little more attention from girls?
Yeah, I guess a little bit. A little bit, yeah.

I’m not complaining. [laughs]

Do you want to spill the big news if you do or don’t have a girlfriend?
I don’t, I don’t.

So you’re single?
Single. Staying that way. [laughs]

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Greyson Chance PopEater Picture Gallery

Greyson Chance visited PopEater for an interview and photo shoot! on July 23rd in New York.  Here are the publicly released Greyson Chance Photos from that day!

You can click on the photo to go to it’s attachment page, then click again to enlarge it!

Credit:  Gino DePinto, AOL

Greyson Chance Wonderwall Twitter Interview

Greyson Chance (@GreysonChance) was interviewed by Wonderwall  (@Wonderwall MSN) around 1:30pm EST this afternoon on Twitter via a series of Tweets.

We first told you first on August 5th that Greyson was going to be interviewed by Wonderwall.  Later we announced that it was rescheduled due to technical difficulties with Twitter and said that it would take place on Monday.  Well as promised, early this afternoon Greyson sat down, laptop in hand for his very first Twitterview with Wonderwall; it was awesome!

During the interview Greyson talks about his rise to fame, his inspirations, life as a teen celebrity, his upcoming album and Justin Bieber.  Greyson also answers one of the most asked questions, would he ever date a fan?  If you were wondering what the name of Greyson’s new song was that he performed at BlogHer, he answers that question too!

We’ve gone through a compiled the entire interview in an easy-to-read format, below.

Wonderwall: Ready for our Twitterview?
Greyson: I am ready(:

Sweet! So you’ve have a pretty crazy rise to fame. What’s been the most surreal moment for you so far?
I think it was meeting Gaga. She is a huge inspiration to me and I was thrilled to meet her!

I can imagine! Who else do you really, really want to meet?
Greyson: I would really like to meet the cast of Glee! I wasn’t able to meet them last night at the TCA’s, but hopefully I can soon(:

Bet you loved the Gaga episode! But meeting celebs, award shows: how is your life the same as it was BEFORE you were famous?
I am still just a normal kid. If I back talk to my mom I get my phone taken away, and a lot of times my computer(:

Aw! But you won’t be a kid for much longer. Happy early birthday! What do you want for it? Are you excited to be a teenager finally?
Haha I am very excited to actually become a “teenager”!(: and I really want a little puppy..but parents don’t approve..

Haha, I bet one of your fans would get you one! How does it feel to know that so many girls are crushing on you now? Would you date a fan?
I am not going to lie it feels great haha! Date a fan…maybe! (;

Haha, I bet all the fans that tweeted that question to me are super stoked to hear that! Who’s YOUR celeb crush?
Greyson: I have loved Scarlett Johansson ever since I was a little kid..I still do(:

Cute! Who would you love to collaborate on a song with?
Greyson: I would love to work with @yelyahwilliams (Hayley Williams) and also of course @ladygaga (Lady Gaga)

Any chance of a collab with @ladygaga for the album?
Greyson: Not on this album..but maybe on one in the future(:

That’d be awesome! You guys would harmonize so well together! What’s your favorite song that you’ve written?
Greyson: I have a song called “Past” that I performed at BlogHer. It’s about not judging people on their pasts.

I’ll have to check it out! Since you got famous through YouTube, what’s your all-time favorite YouTube video?
Greyson: Charlie Bit My Finger. I could watch that over and over again(:

Hahaha totally! Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
Greyson: Hard question! Somebody that would have to have the long brown hair and the “swoosh” haha(:

Speaking of the “swoosh,” what do you say to people who say you’re another Justin Bieber?
Greyson: It is an honor to be compared to him! He is an amazing artist. But, our music is much different.

Totally agree. And there’s room enough for two swooshy-haired singers. Last Q! Can you tweet us a pic of yourself right now?
Thanks so much for the twitterview.. I had a blast!(:

Wonderwall: Me too! Thanks for tweeting! Can’t wait for the album.

Four Awesome Greyson Chance Pictures

Greyson Chance Pictures, we know how much the fans love em’, so we got our hands on some new ones that we wanted to share with you!

Two of these photos are from last night at the Teen Choice Awards, one is of Greyson signing autographs (for prizes) at PopStar Magazine and the third is Greyson at “The Pier”.