Greyson Chance Interview with Wzra TV

Greyson Chance took some time on the road to chat with Wzra TV about the Dancing Crazy Tour, the Waiting Outside The Lines music video, Ellen DeGeneres, memorable experiences and sooo much more!

According to Greyson the tour has been “incredible” and the fans are amazing.  Greyson loves the energy of the crowd and having an opportunity to meet his fans after every show.  Greyson says that his favorite song to perform is Waiting Outside The Lines because he considers it to be an anthem of sorts and really enjoys singing it.

One of the best questions asked was what inspires Greyson to write music.  Greyson said that he’s inspired lots of things including heartbreak, his friends and other life experiences.

Greyson talked about how he enjoys using social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr to keep everyone updated and stay connected with the fans.

Get to know Greyson Chance:

One thing we don’t know about Greyson: He loves photography.
Number one song on Greyson’s play list: Bullet Proof I Wish I was by Radio Head
Favorite fast food restaurant: McDonald’s
Prized possession Greyson can’t live without: His record player
Favorite color: Black and white
Favorite movie: He likes old mafia movie
Favorite TV-show: Glee!
One item Greyson would bring to a deserted island: His piano!

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