Greyson Chance Makes PopDust’s 17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things List

Greyson Chance has made his way onto the ‘17 Under 17: Pop’s Next Big Things‘ list on

Popdust’s “17 Under 17” features artists, age 16 and under, who are best poised to capture the hearts of young America.

Greyson is joined on the list by his future touring partner Cody Simpson and label mates, Mindless Behavior.

Checkout the breakdown below! What do you think?

  1. Willow Smith
  2. Jaden Smith
  3. Lyrikkal
  4. Rebecca Black
  5. Greyson Chance
  6. Cody Simpson
  7. Khalil
  8. Cherri Bomb
  9. China McClain
  10. Kicking Daisies
  11. Jasmine Sagginario
  12. Jackie Evancho
  13. Lauren Alaina/Thia Megia
  14. Mindless Behavior
  15. Diggy Simmons
  16. Jacob Latimore
  17.  Burnham

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Greyson Chance Talks About Debut Album with PopStopTV

Greyson Chance was soaking up the spotlight apparently at the ‘Mars Needs Moms’ movie premiere earlier this month.  In addition to our previously posted interviews with Radio Disney and Pop Candies TV, he also took time to speak with PopStopTV!

When Greyson was asked about his highly anticipated debut album which will soon be released Greyson says that “It’s more of a pop rock thing,” and “It’s very true, very dramatic and it’s about heartbreak.”

Greyson chats it up about YouTube, Lady Gaga and what other artists he would like to collaborate with as well!  Checkout the video featuring Greyson on the red carpet at the Mars Needs Moms premiere below.

Greyson Chance Chats With PopEater

Greyson Chance stopped by the PopEater studios again and sat down for what turned out to be an awesome interview!

During the interview Greyson is asked a series of questions ranging from details on his debut single Waiting Outside the Lines to his personal feelings on other artists like Lady Gaga and fellow newcomer Willow Smith.

Checkout the list below for a summary of questions asked.

1. Your first live performance was on the Ellen show.  What was that like?
2. Does anyone inspire your live performances?
3. Tell us about your new single?
4. The song is so powerful for a 13 year old.  Does it surprise you?
5. Willow Smith also has a new single out.  What do you think of it?
6. Do you have any other covers in mind that you would like to do?
7. How do you feel about your People’s Choice award nomination?
8. Do you ever look back on your old YouTube videos?

Greyson gave some great answers to these questions and even put on a bit of a performance when he whipped his hair back and forth like Willow Smith! (Very Funny!).  Checkout the video below of Greyson Chance talking with PopEater!

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Zach Dionne Reviews Greyson Chance Pub Performance

“Rocked”, “Blown Away” and “Goosebumps” were just some of the words of PopEater’s Zach Dionne after he got a load of Greyson Chance’s performance at Joe’s Pub in New York City!

On November 18th Greyson performed at Joe’s Pub in New York City for an intimate crowd.  “It’s not easy to justify being blown away to the point of goosebumps by such a fresh-faced little dude” Zach told us and it apparently happened over and over again throughout the night!

After the concert Greyson sent us a message, saying “It was loud.  I sang by heart out. The crowd was amazing… just did my first real performance! Ready to do more!”.

Zach wrote an awesome review of the performance that we invite you to checkout over on PopEater’s website.


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Greyson Chance Speaks out about Justin Bieber

During a recent interview with Pop Star Magazine, Greyson Chance talked about being compared to Justin Bieber.

Pop Star Magazine reported on July 29th that Greyson Chance had visited their offices the week before for an interview.  Pop Star said that Greyson was “super nice and so cute, funny and friendly”.  When the magazine asked Greyson about being compared to Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson they said he wasn’t offended at all and provided a straight forward, professional answer.

Greyson was quoted saying, “It’s an honor to be compared to him, he’s a great artist” and “What he’s done with the R&B world is crazy”.  Greyson said it with a smile on his face and appeared to really mean what he was saying.  It’s awesome to see the respect that Greyson shows for other artists and the fact that he’s earning the respect of industry buffs such as Pop Star Magazine.  Go Greyson!

Source: Pop Star Magazine